Kate Gosselin Has Extreme Reaction to Jon Firing a Gun But Who Can Blame Her

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kate gosselinOver the weekend, it was reported that Jon Gosselin pulled a gun on a female paparazzo and fired a warning shot after she trespassed onto his property. And now reports are claiming that the reason behind Jon's irrational reaction wasn't because he felt violated (though I'm sure that, too), but because he has a deal in place with a specific photographer, who has agreed to split the profits made off of photos of him with Jon himself. Gross, right? But complicating matters even more is the fact that Kate Gosselin is pissed that Jon fired a gun. Really pissed. The mom of eight has taken Jon's rash behavior as an alarming wake-up call that her kids could be unsafe when under his supervision -- and she's taking legal action.

Think what you want of the lady, but it's kind of hard to disagree with her on this one. Would you want your kids staying with a down-on-his-luck trigger-happy dude who lives in the woods?

Sources told TMZ that Kate is "profoundly concerned" with Jon's behavior, and she feels that firing a gun was an "extreme reaction" to the situation. Kate is supposedly dumbfounded that Jon didn't simply call 911 instead. She's apparently now talking to "her people" about getting some sort of order in place that requires Jon to keep his firearms locked up at all times when the children are there. She also wants a judge to prohibit Jon from firing weapons when the kids are visiting.

Can't really argue with a mom not wanting her ex to fire a gun around her eight children and to ask that all weapons be locked up, now, can you? If I were Kate, I'd be extremely unsettled right now, thinking about my kids being in Jon's care. Trespassing is wrong, but I think we can all agree that Jon's reaction was way out of line -- especially when we hear the supposed reasoning behind it. And if the guy is so hard up for cash that he's willing to fire a gun on a woman who came onto his property, I wouldn't be surprised if he'd do it while his kids were there, too. And there's all sorts of horrifying and dangerous potential in that situation.

Did you think Kate is right to want to protect her kids?


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nonmember avatar Laura S

Kate has every right to protect her children. If I were her I would be concerned as to what safety measures Jon has in place to prevent the kids from having access to his gun(s). However, Jon has every right to protect his children, property and self, which he did.

the4m... the4mutts

Every gun owner should keep their weapons locked up safely while children are around.

BJJ6681 BJJ6681

Most concerning to me is the fact that Jon has recently said in an interview that he is about to snap, and is now using a concealed weapon to fire a warning shot at a photographer, who is next?  Why didn't he fire the same warning shot at the TMZ photographer that was there and caught the whole thing?  Why all of  a sudden is Jon willing and waiting to do interviews when he wants to live a "private" life like everyone else?  The timing corresponds to Kate starting her book tour/interviews, coincidence....I don't think so!  He wants to piggy back off of her success to earn money by giving interviews and selling photographs.  Kate has every right to protect her children, and using the court system to provide that protection is well within her rights.

nonmember avatar kaydee

What in the world is wrong with this country? Since when is it not okay to protect your property? I am sure the photographer was asked to leave and did not. Jon did not shoot at the photographer but shot a warning shot. Wake up America. We have the right to bear arms and the right to protect our property and family. What if the kids were there? If Jon keeps his firearms locked up safely away from them then there is in problem. We need ALL the facts before judging.

D.j. Lord

why did you feel the need to tell us it was a female photog?..kate wants the kids..cant use em for pub if they are with daddy

abra819 abra819

they're both assholes

silve... silverdawn99

DJ Kate is taking sole care of the kids. Jon isn't even paying child support. Kate has every right to be worried

Andre... Andreamom001

Let's see. is a mother right to protect her children...well, that's a tough one.  See,moms are SUPPOSED to expose their kids to as much danger as possible so they learn to deal with danger, right...?

Of course she's right to protect them.  She isn't asking for them to be kept away from their dad, just for reasonable orders to be put in place that keep her kids safe from gun accidents.  Eight kids are a lot to keep track of and if you don't have your guns safely locked away...a tragic accident coudl happen.

Lvonl... Lvonlucky

He told that bitch to leave. He should have shot her in the face, she's all about the money and uses her kids as pawns. He had EVERY RIGHT to protect his self and property

nonmember avatar Dawn

1. Who said he doesn't keep his firearms locked up when the kids are there?

2. If said paparazzo was asked to vacate the premises and did not leave, why is it wrong to fire a warning shot? He didn't shoot at her. That is not a warning shot.

3. Kate Gosselin is an idiot. She is a vengeful woman who will do anything to portray Jon in a bad light.

4. Unfortunately, Jon should expect this because he too pimped his family out before the crash and burn.

5. Many parents own guns and practice appropriate gun safety. Having guns does not make you a bad parent, nor an unsafe one. Being negligent with guns around children does. But was he really negligent or is he being portrayed that way because Kate is determined to do anything to make his life harder?

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