8 Things I Felt Guilty About When I Dropped My Kid Off at School This Morning

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kids backpacksThe academic year is barely underway, but from the load of parental guilt I'm lugging around, you'd think it was mid-March. Usually I don't reach this level of school-related maternal self-loathing until at least a couple of sub-par, hastily thrown together science projects and/or book reports have been handed in late -- and yet, here we are, not even done with September and I'm already stewing in remorse. Dang, we haven't even hit "I forgot to sign the permission slip" season yet!

Tonight, it's all I can do to recall, with a cringe, the many mistakes I made when I sent my almost 8-year-old son to school this morning ...

 1. His fingernails were so dirty his teacher probably thinks I make him moonlight as a coal miner
2. The sleeves on his jacket were about half-an-inch short of his wrists (I could have sworn that thing fit last week!)
3. His breakfast consisted of one bite of a banana and a swig of lemonade (pink)
4. Neither one of us could remember how many pages of "Ramona the Brave" he read last night so I wrote a made-up number on his reading log and signed it
5. His socks didn't match
6. The "leave at home" side of his folder hasn't been emptied out since the first day of school
7. His lunch included potato chips for the 5th day in a row
8. I forgot to fill out his Scholastic Book Order form again
Ugh. Wonder what new guilt tomorrow will bring??
What do you feel guilty about so far this school year?
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nonmember avatar star carrillo

I regret every day i drop him off at TK

nonmember avatar MammaMel

I consider it a personal triumph if his socks are from the same package (today they are BOTH chugginton, and BOTH ankel socks...and bonus they are both shades of blue!)...matching would be cause for a PAR-TAY!

nonmember avatar Nene

I hope these are a joke. Otherwise, you need to get it together.

nonmember avatar LYN

I love this. As moms we are supposed to pretend we have it all together and we just don't. That's ok!

Todd Vrancic

How old is this kid?  If he is older than the age of 5, he should be caring for his own nails.  And if he has on odd socks, I'm sure he has some just like them somewhere at home.

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