What's the Worst Thing You Did as a Kid?

little girl, redhead

photo by MissFitz46.

This cutie couldn't have a bad bone in her.

Now that we have our own kids, it's awfully convenient to forget some of the things we did as kids ourselves. Well let me tell you, if you read the responses to  humboldtmama21's question, I promise, you won't feel too bad about whatever dastardly thing you did!


Me? I tortured my sister with taunting and teasing for far longer than I should've. Six years apart and she was under my watch too many times when I wanted to be at the school basketball game. Talk about abuse of power; I was her nightmare. We're the best of friends now, but I do sometimes wonder how she ever forgave me.

How 'bout you? What's your "bad kid" secret?

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