No More Tiaras for Toddlers as Kids' Beauty Pageants Face a Brilliant Ban

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tiaraHow many times have you heard of something that's happened on Toddlers & Tiaras and wondered why on earth parents are allowed to let their children do that? From sexualizing them in skimpy costumes to pumping them full of sugary, caffeinated drinks so they're ready to compete with their flippers and fake tans, we've seen acts that should be criminal. And now they very well may be ... at least in France where they are they moving to ban child beauty pageants.

According to CNN, the French Senate voted to ban beauty pageants for anyone under 16. Organizers could be thrown in jail for up to two years and face step fines. The bill still has to pass a few more hurdles, but if signed into law, it will be tres magnifique.

There is, of course the argument of personal freedom, and it's definitely a slippery slope to think of the government interfering with parents' rights to decide what's best for their children. But most importantly, there are the children. While there are different types of contests, in many we've seen children clearly being exploited. 

Chantal Jouanno, who is fighting for the bill says pageants "hypersexaulize" young girls:

Lawmakers are not moralizers, but we have a duty to defend the superior interest of the child.

It is extremely destructive for a girl between the age of 6 and 12 to hear her mother say that what’s important for her is to be beautiful. We are fighting to say: What counts is what they have in their brains.

People will argue that pageants instill confidence, test talents, and possess all sorts of virtues, but there are plenty of other means for those things that aren't focused primarily on their looks. Contests that involve a swimsuit competition for children should not exist. They just should not.

I can't see a law like this ever getting passed in the United States, but I do love that the French are addressing this issue and bringing awareness to it. I think most parents have no idea just how damaging these contests can be to their darling daughters. They're blinded by the glitz and pursuit of the crown, and don't see what's happening in the process. Maybe the French will open some more eyes to it, and parents won't need a ban to prevent them from entering their daughters.

Do you think beauty pageants for kids should be banned?


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nonmember avatar Dianne

I don't like pageants, but the government getting involved is pretty absurd.

Nelli... NellieAthome

I think people like you should stop judging how other parents raise their kids and I think the governments of the world need to start minding their own business and stop interfering in how people raise their kids.

flood... flood1971

@NellieAthome-get out more. By your reasoning no government should impose rules on how to treat children. In most of these 'pageants' the children are not shown in their awesome kid-ness, i.e toothless smiles and messy hair. They are made to look like adults, with fake teeth that would make any grandmother proud. It's our responsibility as parents to allow our children a safe, happy childhood, without being objectified. They will have plenty of time to choose that for themselves if they wish. Anyone, (with an iota of reason), who has ever seen an episode of toddlers and tiaras has to think it's creepy. God bless people that understand that abuse takes many forms.

sterl... sterling21

Some girls love to dress up and be the center of attention. Getting ready for a pagent is exspensive and moms are not going to shell out money for a girl who to miserable and won't perform. Being a girl can be a lot of fun, why make girls feel ashamed to be girly by banning pangents? Do we ban little league because boys act to "manly"?

nonmember avatar Nikki

I think there is a fine line with pageants... I have 2 little girls (age 1 and 2). I have let them do pageants in the past BUT don't do them anymore. Also I never participated in pageants that showed any of body off.. Childrens bodies aren't made to be shown off. They need to be covered up.. It disgusts me when parents put clothes on their children that look like strippers. But I have nothing against little natural pageants that keep children covered up and don't show off their bodies.. Its also important that the children like to go to the pageants because a lot of moms just do it for themselves! Moral of the story good clean fun is ok but don't show your childrens bodies off or teach them moves of an adult!

Veronica Spaulding

GOOD!!  its bout time!!       pageants are ste up and have absolutly nohting to do with real natural beauty and those pageant moms aresoo mean, let the kids be kids and enjoy life before they become the next honey boo boo horror story!! pageants need to be for miss usa only and i dont even care bout that

Craft... CraftyJenna

I think if not banned, they should be banned from having swimsuit competions, no make up, no false teeth, no fake eyelashes and all the other creepy stuff people do to their kids to make them appear like tiny adults. It's sick, and it's teaching the girls a horrible lessen about beauty and self worth. I think kid's beaty pagents do hypersexualize young girls. 

Christina Tilley Choate

Sexualizing children is so wrong, why it is legal is what baffles me. Are there little boy beauty pageants, not that I have ever heard of. Why? Because, we sexualize girls from the start, from the earliest ages. We get so up in arms about Yemen and little girls as young as 8 being married off. Yet in our own country we parade little girls around is swim suits for what purpose. So we can start judging girls by their body at age 3. No wonder why girls body image and self esteem issues are such an issue in this country. Stop blaming Barbie, she is a doll! Subjecting little girls to such judgment as a beauty pageant is what keeps America in this mindset that girls are meant to be perfect.

nonmember avatar Joie

Step fines??

Katha... Katharine205

Viva la France!  Pagents for little girls are nothing more than a chance for their fat, ugly obsessive mothers to have a "my kid is prettier than yours" contest.  Honey Boo Boo says it all.

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