Jennifer Garner Completely Loses it on Paparazzo After He Messes With Her Kids (PHOTO)

jennifer garnerIt's no secret that Jennifer Garner, ah, how do I say this delicately, despises the paparazzi with every bone in her body. But, typically, the actress manages to remain rather stoic when cameras are intrusively shoved into her and her three children's faces when she's simply out for a carton of milk. Her husband, Ben Affleck, has freaked out on them -- numerous times, actually. But not our girl, Jen. Until now.

On Sunday, while Garner was at a Farmer's Market in the Pacific Palisades with her kids, she whipped out her phone, got in a paparazzo's face, and proceeded to snap away, "giving him a taste of his own medicine". The photographer seemed to be amused by Garner's reaction, and he unabashedly continued to film her losing her sh*t.

When I first saw these pictures, I thought, "No, Jen! Whydja do it?! You're giving this guy exactly what he wants!" But then I realized, "Wait a second. What mom wouldn't do this?"

Imagine you're at a grocery store, or a park, or on your way back from a playdate, and some big scary man (or woman) is in your children's face (right up in there!), rudely taking their photo; and said photo will eventually wind up on the Internet and in magazines. A complete lack of morals -- or Jesus, manners -- all to make a buck. And imagine your children crying to you at the end of the night, asking you why their friends never have to have their photos taken? And then imagine, in your darker moments, wondering if you and your job are going to be the thing that puts your kids in therapy, years down the road? Sounds pretty terrible. How could someone not snap under those circumstances?

At the end of the day, did Jennifer Garner teach that shameless paparazzo a lesson? No. Not at all. In fact, the person who took those photos of Garner freaking out probably made a pretty penny. But she was done. She'd had it. And she simply lost it. What mom can't relate to that?

What would you do if you were Jennifer?


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nonmember avatar mommy320

Ive said it before, saying it again....(if I was a celeb) id hire a P.I to stalk any aggressive paps family, take millions of photos in their faces then post them all over the internet, let them have a taste.

Meesh... Meesh5418

I'd carry a blowhorn and sound it off in their face. Seriously.

Coles... Coles_mom

I'd find a way to deal if someone paid me millions. :)


So how's the legislation to protect celbs' kids from these guys coming? Any word on that? Cause I'm no celeb, but I still want the kids protected from this kind of thing. 

zandh... zandhmom2

I think if you are in the public eye, you need to just suck it up and deal with it.  I wonder how some celebs manage to live their lives without us even know they have kids (just find out about Clint Eastwood son who is now modeling - who is in his late 20's) and other can't.  Maybe it's because they want the attention yet bitch about it when it's not when they want it. I think if you go into acting, you go into it wanting to be famous and known by everyone and dream of having your face and name plaster everywhere, so they shouldn't be shock when it does happen.  With that said, I do agree that when it comes to children, they shouldn't be allowed to stalk them outside of the their schools and should have to stay atleast 25 feet from them anywhere else.

Don Martin

Shot the sob

hexxuss hexxuss

Guess I don't equate 'being famous' and 'having money' to somehow losing your inherent right to privacy.  All they have done is agree to let you watch them in a movie, they are under NO obligation to let us, or anyone else, into their personal lives, period.  This especially applies to children.

nonmember avatar Leigh

Actually I think Jennifer got mad b/c he was video taping the children. She doesn't like them taking pics but I'm sorry video is just WRONG! If the paps really just wanted a pic they could use a lens and not be up the families faces. She has NEVER released a pic of her kids or taken them to an event. Leave her fam alone. There are plenty of celebs go bother them.

lizilli lizilli

I do not understand how, yet another picture of this family going shopping for food, is going to be worth those big buck that the pap's are said to receive for pictures of celebrities.  If Jennifer were doing something unusual and didn't have her children in tow, then maybe, perhaps, the pictures might be unusual enough to be worth looking at.    This pap is clearly despicable and just wanted to provoke and then photograph.  If he is using video then he is even more of a NASTY MAN!  

nonmember avatar Lisa

I almost wonder if she's just getting ammunition for when the legislation moves to the next step. If she can show photo or video evidence of her own of exactly what's happening, especially when the guy is being such an arrogant jerk about it, it will only fuel the passage of the paparazzi bill. I still don't know how this is legal. If a stranger waited outside my house and followed me to the store and videotaped my children he'd be arrested.

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