10 Horrible Things We've Said to Our Kids

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worst things"If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." It's something we tell our kids all the time, but do we manage to follow the same rule? Never you mind about that! Do as I say, not as I do!! Uhhhh ... yeah. Unfortunately, moms are just as likely to let poorly chosen words fly in the heat of the moment as an ornery grade schooler -- in fact, more often than not, those poorly chosen words are directed at our very own ornery grade schoolers. Before I became a mom, I never dreamed of saying half of the probably permanently damaging things I've said to my kids. Sure, I've said them out of complete and utter exasperation, but is it ever okay to tell your daughter you're selling her to gypsies just as soon as you can track some down? Probably ... not.

At least I'm not the only poison-tongued mother out there. Here's the (anonymous, shame-filled) list of answers we got when we asked moms to tell us the worst thing they ever said to their kid:


2. "Shut the f*ck up!"

3. "Stop being such an asshole."

4. "SHUT the FRICK UP!"

5. "I'm sending you to Siberia to live with Tiger!" (As in Tiger The Brady Bunch dog, who was almost sent to Siberia by dad Mike Brady in one episode.)

6. "How did you turn out to be such a selfish, spoiled brat?"

7. "Clean up your room! You're getting to be as much of a slob as your father!!"

8. "Santa's dead!"

9. "Sometimes I think I took the wrong baby home from the hospital."

10. "I hope you like bread and water, because that's all they serve in reform school, and that's where you're going!"

See, you're not alone!! 

What's the worst thing you've ever said to your kid?

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nonmember avatar MammaLei

I told my kid to get out of my ass and get his butt on the soccer field.......

kkat117 kkat117

I have told mine to shut up...other than that, the worst thing was telling her we can't go see dinosaurs because they are all dead. I crushed her dreams :(

nonmember avatar Jenn

My parents threatened to give me to the gypsies! lol

work4... work4mickey

When I'm exasperated, but not really mad at my kids, I will frequently make rudiculous threats I have no intention of following through with, and my kids know it. When I threaten to "beat them" I get chants of "beat me, beat me", "hug attack the mommy" or "that's code for tickles." I can threaten to "tie them up with duct tape", and they will bring me the roll while giggling. But they know I mean bussiness if I threaten to spank. I almost never have to.

Paws84 Paws84

I got super frustrated one day because she hadn't slept all day, she was cranky and crying, and I was unable to keep her laying down in her crib and go to sleep, and I said, 'I swear to God, I'm getting my tubes tied.' (She's my first and only) She can't understand me yet, but I still feel horrible about it and that was a couple weeks ago.

stara... starandseen

I say "shut up" to my extremely hard to bear 6 year old and feel so guilty every time I'm done. I say "s***" in front of them when im extremely frustrated, but not directed at them. 

Thanks for this post.  I thought I was the only parent who loses it when I can't take the whining. 

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

When my kid was going through a Garfield phase a while back I'd tell her that I was going to ship her off to live with Nermil in Abhu-Dabi. I've also used my share at explitives but I try to not direct them AT my kids... I think most parents do. They're frustrating little buggers sometimes! lol

nonmember avatar she84

My husband and I have a close relationship with my parents and joke often, but my parents often joke that if I don't behave myself, they are going to keep my husband and get rid of me.

nonmember avatar she84

My dad also used to say they found me "all cago and crying behind Super Save and felt sorry for me, so they took me home and cleaned me up and decided to keep me"...I am 29 years old and still hear the story lol. What's worse is that he used to introduce me that way.

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