Raising Boys vs. Girls: The Difference Is the Drama

drama queenFrom the beginning of time, parents have tried -- and largely failed -- to put a finger on the precise difference between raising boys and girls. I mean, really, in approximately a billion years of parenting, all we've been able to come up with is some crap about sugar and spice and snails and puppy dog tails. (And then, later on, some other crap about a son being a son being 'til he gets him a wife and a daughter being a daughter all of her life, but really, it's all snails and sugar.)

Well, I certainly don't have a billion years of parenting experience under my belt (and, honestly, I don't like wearing belts), but I do have 12 such years involving a daughter and almost 8 involving a son, and I daresay I've figured out what the main difference is between raising boys and girls: The drama


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As in, girls bring the drama and boys do not. Now, there are of course exceptions to this rule -- even my own son has thrown some spectacularly theatrical tantrums in his day -- but by and large, I really think I'm on to something here. Here are a few scenarios from my family's daily life in which the huge differences in my children's reactions demonstrate my point:

1. The Lunch Disaster

Me: "Hey guys, I didn't have a chance to stop at the grocery store yesterday so you'll have to buy lunch at school today."

My son: "Oh, okay."

My daughter: "What?? You know I hate the food at my school, mom. What do you expect me to do, starve? That's fine, whatever, I don't need to eat. I'll just be hungry. And fail my test. Okay?? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT??"

2. The Bad Vacation News

Me: "Looks like we can't go away for winter break because I have to work, so we'll shoot for spring break instead."

My son: "Aw, that stinks. What's for dinner?"

My daughter: After giving me the silent treatment for two weeks, she puts herself up for adoption on Craigslist. I then find a voodoo doll of myself in her room stuck with knives, as pins apparently won't do the trick.

3. The Laundry Predicament

Me: "Whoops, looks like the clothes I washed last night aren't dry yet -- can you find something else to wear to school today?"

My son: "Sure, yeah, whatever."

My daughter: "WHAT?? There IS nothing else, mom!" (Standing in room strewn with endless amounts of clothing.) "I guess I just can't go to school. Unless you want me to go to school naked. Why do you hate me??"

Any of these scenarios sound like they could've taken place at your house? Or has your parenting experience been the polar opposite?

What do you think the main difference is between raising boys and girls?


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