8 Ridiculous Reasons Parents Homeschool Their Kids

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homeschool deskThere are plenty of good reasons to homeschool your kid out there. Local school district doesn't have great academics? Check. Got a kid whose needs aren't being met by the district? Check. Homeschool can be a great thing for parents and kids alike.

But I've noticed a trend among homeschooling parents. Anytime ANYTHING happens at a school, even a one-off, silly thing that was a one in a million chance, they jump at the chance to tell us public school parents what idiots we are and how GLAD they are that they had the foresight to educate their kid at home.

Overcompensating much, folks?

Here's the thing. I hear you! Homeschooling is great (for some families), but not everything is a "great reason to homeschool your kids." And every time you overreact to a story in the news by jumping on the "OMG, homeschool" soapbox, you make a bad name for the whole homeschooling community.

In fact, I'll come right out and say it, there are a whole host of parents out there who have some absolutely ridiculous reasons for homeschooling:

1. The teacher is gay. Having a gay teacher won't make your kid gay any more than having a straight teacher will guarantee they're straight. Yes, it's true. You COULD have a gay kid ... 3.8 percent of the population does.

2. The school lunch isn't nutritious. Brown bags were invented a looooong time ago. Use them.

3. There's no prayer in schools. There are going to be a lot of places in life where your child shouldn't pray. Time and place, folks, time and place.

4. To escape vaccinations. It's true; most schools these days require kids to get immunized. But then, immunizations have been shown to decrease the risk of deadly diseases by as much as 100 percent in some cases.

5. To protect them from bullies. If there's a specific instance of bullying, and you've tried working with the school district to no avail, then by all means, pull your kid. But if you don't even give your kids the CHANCE to interact with the kids in a school setting because you assume they're "bad," what is the lesson you're teaching your kids about the world at large?

6. To protect them from standardized testing. I'm not a big fan of these tests myself, but you don't necessarily have to homeschool to avoid them. The opt out movement is growing, and there are a lot of great resources on how to work with your kids' public school and still avoid the tests.

7. Because you're afraid of socialization. Yes, I know plenty of homeschool kids get to socialize with other homeschool kids, and being a homeschooled kid doesn't mean you're cut off from society and blah, blah, blah. But there's an actual list of "reasons to homeschool" out there that has labeled socialization dangerous because one dictionary defines it as "to place under government or group ownership or control." Put down your tinfoil hat and put that kid on a bus, pronto!

8. The school requires uniforms. I hate the idea of uniforms; I really do. They're expensive for a family that depends on hand-me-downs, and they limit a kid's creativity. But it's a t-shirt and pants, not a scarlet letter. Kids need to learn to follow rules in life, and this is one of them.

Would you homeschool your kids for any of these reasons?


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nonmember avatar MammaMel

Why do you hate religious people so much??? "shouldn't pray", no, they should pray EVERYWHERE, and they CAN PRAY anywhere, there is just no ORGANIZED PRAYER.

sahm2... sahm2shaina

This article is clearly written by a parent that has never homeschooled and is ignorant to homeschoolers.

D.j. Lord

well shaina..it is the stir

lulou lulou

what about simply not wanting to update a resume

Katha... Katharine205

I think people can homeschool their kids for whatever reason they'd like and it's really none of anyone's business...unless they're doing so to hide abuse or some really cracked out reason where the kid is in legitimate danger.  What is a stupid reason to you might be really important to someone else.  And btw, parents might not be afraid their kid is going to turn gay by having a gay teacher but they might believe homosexuality is wrong (which they are allowed to do thought police) and might not want their children looking up to them.  And as for prayer in schools, I do believe it's a good thing and my daughter can pray wherever her little heart feels moved to do so...which is why she goes to private school and not public school.

Robin Hilliker

i knew a family as a kid where the mother "homeschooled" simply becasue she didn't want to have to get them up in the morning and get them ready to go the older child had all of the 5th grrade education and her younger brother can only read at a 3rd grade level dispite being an adult, this womens method of teaching him to read was to put closed captions ,and subtittles on every thing that watched on tv needlless to say neither of them has a g.e.d. 

MamaT... MamaTo2b2g

No, there is no such thing as a "time and place you shouldn't pray". My family and I will pray anywhere and any time we need to. Try to stop us.

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

"A lot of places where your child shouldn't pray"?!! Are you kidding me. Perfect example of a role model I do not want for my child. Gay teacher included. When your belief is that they are openly living in sin, you don't want them teaching your child or being a role model. We are "tolerant" of people we see making poor choices or lifestyles that don't suit us as a family and our beliefs. But there is nothing wrong with us having our own standards, values, beliefs and following the religion of our choice. Id have a lot more respect for a parent choosing to homeschool because of a gay teacher than a parent who tries or does get that teacher fired over it.

Becky Dean Lehto

It is really funny that in the same breath she derides uniforms because families rely on hand me downs and they prevent children from expressing their creativity? Presumably for some children that would be the creative to look like their older cousin Susie?

Incidentally uniforms are WAY cheaper than "school clothes" and more available at thrift stores and as hand me downs when whole districts adopt them.

Lisa Luke Easterling

I don't even know where to begin on how presumptious and ridiculous this post is. How about you stick to defending your beloved public schooling and we'll take care of our homeschooling. Deal?

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