Boy's List of Goals for Third Grade Makes Us Appreciate the Small Joys in Life

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goals for third gradeIf you need proof of the awesomeness of kids, just check out this list of goals a third grade boy wrote down. His mother posted it on Reddit, and it's gone viral, because it's just so perfect.

It's a mix of intellectual, entertainment, and simply odd goals. In just seven (or maybe six and half) goals, it provides such a perfect snapshot into the boy's mind, and I'm now dying to have my kids write down their own list just to see what they come up with. Here's this kid's:

  1. Learn the gases pushed from hyper novas
  2. Drink 1 gallon of milk in 1 day without going to the bathroom
  3. Find if you are sent in a worm hole or traveling in time when entering a black hole
  4. Play cod with Ethan and Matthew
  5. Become a nerd
  6. Eat a rack of ribs that is covered in bacon
  7. Learn how to

I told you it was awesome. I love number two, but number five is hilarious. I wonder what "nerd" means to him. Also, when it comes to number seven, did he just run out of time or leave it open-ended to be intentionally provocative? I like to think it's the latter.

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As for number four, it's apparently a reference to the video game Call of Duty, which commenters pointed out isn't age-appropriate. His mom, Reddit user "elbostonian," clarified however, "He hasn't played it. He just knows about it and dreams of playing it one day."

We all would do well to follow in his footsteps when it comes to setting goals, and to really listen to what's important to our children no matter how small. Sure, financial goals, academic aspirations, and life achievements are the ones that we seem to focus on, but having a list of goals for all the other little things that make life fun is pretty cool too. 

What would be on your kids' list of goals? What about yours?


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Erika... ErikaRobin

Um...drinking a gallon of milk in a day without using the bathroom is a horrible idea.  You want to see him vomit?

Requi... RequiemForAnAmy

Erika, he's in 3rd grade. I don't think he's exactly worried about consequences of not going to the bathroom. smh


The list is really cute.

Debbie Rogers Hale

How funny, I loved the lists my kids made.


Linda Hall

HAHAHAHA! That is sooooo cute! I'm gonna have my girls do this :)


ashjo85 ashjo85

What a cutie! He's halfway to being a nerd already, and that makes him awesome.

nonmember avatar nicole

why on earth is a 3rd grader playing call of duty? or maybe it is a dream to play that with Ethan and Matthew, lol

Todd Vrancic

Nicole, in the article his mom says that he hasn't played it, he knows it exists and wants to play it.

kaley... kaleyplummer

Haha I didn't realize cod stood for call of duty...I was wondering how you play the fish.

Fawn McClish

mt first grader plays cod... and is very good at it actually... he plays with his dad... and i dont see the harm it.... your fighting zombies...

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