8 Old School Lunch Boxes That Kids Will Adore & You Will Love! (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | Sep 13, 2013 Big Kid

vintage lunch boxesWhen it comes to packing your kid's lunch, you and your little one may not always see eye-to-eye on what's cool for that midday meal. While you're wanting them to take sliced carrots and peppers, it's all-too-common that kiddos are hankering for some sort of chocolatey-striped cookie alternative (and some gummy worms on the side) instead.

One thing you two can agree on? Every kid deserves a totally rad lunch box. This year, old school lunch boxes are all the rage. Whether you're still looking for the perfect box to complete your back-to-school shopping list or just want to see a few of the coolest options out there, take a look at 8 adorable old school lunch boxes:

What kind of lunch box does your kiddo bring to school?


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