25 Kookiest Kid Superstitions

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black catI have owned two black cats over the years. It's safe to say I'm not the superstitious type. But somehow my kid is. She doesn't step on cracks (for the sake of my back, bless her!), and she won't open an umbrella in the house.

Remember when you were a kid, and you believed you had the power to change the world just by pouring ice cubes in the toilet or holding your breath? Kids believe some of the craziest -- and funniest -- things.

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Don't believe me? Check out these superstitions kids swear by:

1. Step on a crack and you'll break your mama's back.

2. My son thinks that if he snaps his fingers too many times, they'll fall off (that's thanks to his big brothers).

3. I always put my feet up when we cross the railroad tracks and touch the ceiling of the car. My boys do that too now.

4. I told my daughter that she will grow a tail if she eats the dog's food. She stopped immediately and now yells at her little sister if she sees her near the dog's dish! What is it with kids and dog food? Or maybe it's just mine?

5. If I didn't use the bathroom before I got on the elevator, for sure I thought it would break down.

6. My son thinks if he stays in the tub while the water is draining out, he will get sucked down it.

7. When I was in grade school, someone tried to convince me that if I made a face, it would stay that way if I was slapped on the back.

8. My dad used to tell me eating my bread crust would put hair on my chest, so I kept avoiding the crust for years.

25 kookiest kid superstitions9. My two youngest kids think they can get warts from frogs.

10. My daughter has to hit the roof of the car and yell "ba-diddle" every time she sees a car with one headlight.

11. My cousins convinced me that if you didn't turn your head sideways or duck when you were going under and overpass, you'd get your head chopped off.

12. My older cousin convinced my sister and me that if he pointed the remote control for the TV at us and pushed a button, all of our hair would fall out! We believed him completely and were terrified that he'd turn the remote in our direction!

13. At night, I would jump up onto my bed instead of walking up to it. This was to prevent witches grabbing my ankles.

14. Can't walk up a flight of steps without counting them. It's very weird. I still do it and as an adult found out that my brothers all do it, too ... and none of us knew the other did it! If you don't count, you trip.

15. Hold your breath when you're by a cemetery so your soul doesn't get sucked out.

16. My daughter insists you MUST punch someone when you spot a VW Bug and yell, "Punch buggy, no punch backs."

17. We always held our breath when we went into a tunnel and put our sunglasses on too.

18. I've taught my kids to NEVER walk under a ladder. I wish I could claim it was a safety thing, but it's really a superstition.

19. My daughter knows better than to open an umbrella in the house after I freaked out on her. I didn't mean to scare her!

20. My kids flush ice cubes down the toilet when they want a snow day.

21. My daughter will only pick up pennies if they're "heads up."

22. My son gives us two kisses before he leaves us, always. Ever since he was little, it's always been TWO.

23. We always hit the ceiling when we go through a yellow light.

24. My kids fight over the wishbone at Thanksgiving. They think the one who gets the longer side will have their wish come true.

25. When we were kids we believed chanting "Bloody Mary" three times in front of a mirror would summon a ghost.

OK, how about you? What were your childhood superstitions? What do YOUR kids believe?


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nonmember avatar Wyatt's mom

But Frogs do give you warts.. and I never want to ride with you or your kids.. you will scare me with all the roof banging, ducking and feet on the ceiling..LOL

Taisie Taisie

I was taught that you hold your breath when going by a cemetery because "it's not nice to breathe in front of people who can't". I was also told if the cemetery was to big for you to hold your breath that long, that you could sing instead:  "Pray for the dead and the dead will pray for you, simply because they have nothing else to do."

lol, yeah, I can be pretty dorky!

nonmember avatar April

I still make a wish when I pass under a yellow light.

My kids used to believe that I could controll the lights and make them turn green when I wanted them to.

the4m... the4mutts

Frogs do NOT give you warts, dummy. Warts are just patches of skin that grow faster than others, caused by (i think) a virus.

But definitely not frogs.

I used to play "punch buggy" or as we called it, slug bug. But that was mostly an excuse to hit each other. Not a superstition. The only superstition that I used to believe was the breaking of a mirror gives you 7yrs bad luck

mellynnf mellynnf

We hold our breath and lift our feet when we go over cattle guards!

nonmember avatar Stacy

Plenty of them. Throw salt over your left shoulder if you spill any and then over your right for good luck. We would save a snow ball from the first pack able snow fall until late fall of the next year to bring on an early winter... Counting the pickets in fences we went by to bless the land owners. Rubbing the butt of my dads fun the night before he went hunting to protect the animals they were hunting... Lol never go up the stairs behind someone and never go down them in front of someone

nonmember avatar Heather

I still make wished on fallen eyelashes. I can't even go near a mirror in the dark because my cousin told me Bloody Mary is in all mirrors and you don't have to call on her.

Andre... Andreamom001

Man, the roof of your car must have a lot of dents from all that ceiling hitting, lol.

We say "[Color] slug bug, no slug backs" for VW bugs and name the color (just in case there's more than one around.  When my son was young, we also made up "PT Cruiser, PT bruiser" and did that, too.


Taylor Danielle Hill

We used to sing the name of the truck driving company my dad works for. Twice if it was a rig pulling two trailers. I sing it out loud if alone, in my head or under my breath if someones in the car with me.

tbruc... tbrucemom

I'm 52 years old and I still would never do that whole "Bloody Mary" thing in the mirror, lol.  My mom used to tell me if you had a wart and buried an old dish towel in the back yard it would go away. Never had a wart so I could never test it but I believed her. She also said if I would eat the crust of my bread I would be able to whistle. Obviously this was because she wanted me to eat it and I wanted so bad to whistle. Well I always eat the crust now and I still can't whistle!  I still would never open an umbrella in the house.

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