Gwyneth Paltrow Endangers Her Daughter's Life (VIDEO)

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motor scooterFor all the teasing we give Gwyneth Paltrow for her being the perfect organic mom-with-a-stripper's-butt, at least we know she loves her children and cares deeply about their health. So how do you explain what she did this morning in Los Angeles? While running the kids to school, a Vespa-riding Gwyneth Paltrow cut off a school bus -- with Apple riding right behind her! And it was all caught on video, of course. You can see her pull out from behind a large city bus and right into the path of an oncoming school bus. Chris Martin, waiting behind her with Moses, waits for the school bus to pass before merging into traffic to join Gwyneth. If you listen carefully, you can hear a nation of parents wailing, ARE THOSE VESPA SCOOTER THINGS EVEN SAFE FOR KIDS???

If you watch the video, you'll see that school bus was not going very fast, so it's not like a collision would have turned Apple into applesauce. How fast can you go with a stupid paparazzo standing right there in the middle of the street filming it all? That's even stupider than what Gwyneth did (though no one's going to feel as bad if he gets hit by a bus).

But it still made me gasp and cringe. If that were my child on the back of the bike, I'd be on the ceiling right now, clinging by my fingernails. Yikes! Maybe it should be illegal for kids to ride on the back of those motor scooters.

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Except I have to confess here, my own son has been riding on the back of his dad's scooter for years. In fact, he rode that scooter through crazy Brooklyn traffic to school and back nearly every single day. YESSSSSS it made me nervous the first time, and it still makes me nervous today. The only thing that quells my fear is knowing that at least Brooklyn traffic travels slowly, especially through the residential side streets that take up most of the ride. Maybe that was GP and Martin's justification, too.

At any rate, I'm sure she's seen the video by now -- and even if she hasn't, she knows that bus almost hit her. You'd better believe it scared her. It's the kind of error in judgment countless other parents make all the time. But I bet she'll be a lot more careful in the future. Um ... at least everyone's got a helmet on?

Do you think it's safe for kids to ride on the back of scooters and motorcycles?


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Robin Hartman

whoa! why didn't the bus lean on the horn? just 'cause you're famous doesn't mean the world yields to you. Look where you're going, especially with your baby on board.

TheTr... TheTruthspeaker

What the fuck is wrong with her?? moron!

nonmember avatar Summer

Freaking idiot didn't even look before going! She got very lucky!

nonmember avatar Chris

WOAH!!! Apple almost became Apple sauce!!!!! Moron!!!

nonmember avatar myopinion10

like none of you hypocrites have ever made a mistake while driving? She may have looked hesitated before going and assumed it was still clear. It must be nice for all of you being so perfect.

sweet... sweetcherry_59

Looks like Mrs. Perfect mom isn't so perfect....this cracks me up.

Kate Cooley

She suffers from the delusion that since she's famous, she's also bullet-proof. This is what happens when you sequester yourself from the real world in a three-foot-deep crowd of Yes-Men.

And no, a Vespa is no place for a kid to be handing on by their fingertips.

Lilly Watson

Granted she should not have pulled out in front of the bus at all, but we are spouting off about Apple becoming applesauce when there clearly was a papparatzi in the middle of the road already causing the bus to slow down. 

Phoebe Mitchell

That could have been bad. She certainly wasn't paying attention to her surroundings.

adopt... adoption2013

I'm sure everyone here has made a driving error.  I'm really the last person to defend this twit.  However. I'm not going to jump on this one.

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