5 Back-to-School Fashion Trends That Will Make Every Mom Cringe


Few things are cuter than kids in their fresh, back-to-school clothes. Boys in their button-down shirts; girls in their dresses. Positively precious. But there are a few back-to-school trends that are more horrifying than cute. Trends no elementary-aged child should ever be caught in.

Here are 5 back-to-school fashions that will make every mom cringe. Yikes.

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  • Too Short Skirts


    anne heathen/Flickr

    Skirts look adorable on little girls. And while they don't need to graze the bottom of their ankles, they ought to be a certain length when you're that young.

  • T-Shirts With Controversial Slogans


    When Tee Spring launched this T-shirt to celebrate kids who can't contain their need to chatter, it went viral -- because parents had a lot of opinions.  Critics were quick to call the shirt "rude," saying it encouraged children to be "disobedient in school."  Other moms were countered that they themselves had been the talkative kid at school, and they found it funny and relatable.  Bottom line:  Can't a mom have all the cute without all the headache?  

  • High Heels




    Wanna know the smallest size these fairly tall wedges come in? A "3 Little Kid". That's WAY too young to be wearing anything but flats.

  • Colored Hair Streaks




    A purple streak in the hair can be cool (in fact, I had one myself a few years ago). But children shouldn't be dyeing their hair any color. Not purple, not red, not blonde. Wait until you're older to start frying your hair, kids.

  • Crop Tops




    Full disclosure, crop tops are never a look I enjoy on anyone, but they especially shouldn't be worn by kids in elementary school. Just ... no.


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