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8 Most Annoying Things You Can Say to a Homeschooling Mom

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What's the best thing about homeschooling your kids? It's hard to say. Maybe it's the joy of watching your children learn in a creative, hands-on environment customized just for their learning style and interests. Nahhh, it's actually the stupid questions people ask you. A lot of people out there who know nothing about homeschooling sure to have some surprisingly strong opinions about it, right? Here's our favorite things you should never say to a homeschooling mom.

1. Are you, like, wicked religious? Okay, some parents choose to homeschool for religious reasons. But parents choose homeschooling for a whole range of reasons -- most often because they believe it's the best way to educate their kids. A lot of the time, homeschooling has nothing to do with religion.

2. I would never assume I was qualified enough to teach my child. Who says homeschooling parents do all the teaching by themselves? Homeschoolers aren't all spending six hours at home bent over books -- it's often more creative than that. There are communities that do lessons together, tutors you can hire. There's a whole range of resources.

3. Don't you want your kid to have any friends? It's homeschooling, not prison. Kids can still participate on soccer teams, take music lessons, join Girl Scouts, play at the park with the other children. And there's no guarantee kids will always make friends at their school. Ever heard of bullying?

4. How do you stand spending so much time with your kids? I could never spend so much time with my kids! First of all, homeschooled kids aren't necessarily spending all their time with their parents. Secondly... I'm sorry you don't like spending time with your kids.

5. I can't even get my kids to clean their rooms. How do you get your kids to do their school work? Um... sounds like someone needs to work on their parenting skills. 

6. Hey kid, what's the capital of Kansas? What's Pi? How do you measure the radius of a circle? Who was America's first president? How do you spell discombobulation? How many fingers am I holding up? Um, thanks for those "gotcha!" questions. It's true. We just sit around all day doing macrame and singing folk songs and now my kids know nothing. Your brilliant quizzing scheme exposed us. Here's my phone so you can call CPS.

7. Good luck getting your kid into college. Yeah... don't think that's going to be a problem. Your kid, on the other hand...

8. And best of all: WHAT ABOUT SOCIALIZATION? So, what about it? Like the whole amazing world we explore isn't enough for my kid, he has to spend six hours a day inside a room with 35 other children every day or he'll grow up a mushroom.

What are the most annoying things you've heard people say about homeschooling?


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Melissa Danielle

I've always found #2 interesting. I don't have kids but if I did and I homeschooled, I hope I remember to ask them where the same process that went into thinking about their qualifications to TEACH their OWN CHILDREN went when they decided to contribute to the gene pool.

Always more amusing when it comes from "highly educated" people. You really mean to tell me that you're willing to abdicate all responsibility for what your children are indoctrinated with? Long side eye for you with that one.

momof... momof1teengirl

And on the flip side, homeschool parents need to stop all the negative, stupid comments they make to those of us who choose not to homeschool. Two way street and all...

p31lady p31lady

I want to homeschool my kids.  Especially if I'm still living in California.  Public schools here are a joke.  I speak from experience.

Jespren Jespren

Yeah, on some of these I always have to bite my tongue to keep from saying 'I wouldn't admit that in public if I were you'.

CrazyAZ CrazyAZ

I would totally homeschool but I have to work. If only I had some brother-husbands to help DH cover the bills...

jalaz77 jalaz77

Um I don't think my kids will have a problem getting into college either and funny thing is we use a public school. We also take responsibility for our kids, we send them to school and make sure we are involved in our kids' education...#7 came off bitchy and could cause someone to make a list of stupid things homeschooling parents say to out of homeschooling parents. These lists get old. Let things roll off your back, people get so defensive.

gabe05 gabe05

I homeschool and I winced at #7.  Moms need to stop judging in general.  It drives me bananas when I hear moms berate those who choose to put their kids into "real" school for middle school or high school.  Is that the choice I plan to make?  No, I am qualified to teach my kids through high school and intend to do so.  However, every family needs to make the right choicefor them.  I don't appreciate being judged for choosing to homeschool, so I try to never judge others for whatever choices they make.

Guest27 Guest27

My husband and his 4 siblings were homeschooled, and he gets teased about it from his non-homeschooled friends all the time. He was homeschooled up to 9th grade and then attended public HS, but his siblings were homeschooled all the way through.  He really enjoyed being homeschooled, and he attended college on an academic scholarship.

One "annoying" comment that comes up frequently thats not on the above list is that "homeschooled kids are so sheltered. Once they have a taste of freedom, they go crazy" (Meaning act provactively, get into partying, etc.). 

Happy... Happydad73

I was homeschooled after the fourth grade and by some stroke of luck I managed to get into college. Um that would be Purdue, so the whole college argument is a bunch of junk. Home schooling is not some back water, hide your kids in a closet and teach them to win spelling bees concept, it is a legitimate alternative to the failing schools that serve so many communities so poorly. It also serves to more effectively educate children who have learning difficulties such as dyslexia. Home schooling is not a good fit for all families, but for many of us it allows our children to not fall through the cracks of a beuacracy that often cares only about its rules and test scores.

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

And the second you open your mouth to say assholey things like this, the questions instantly turn to ''is there any chance your kid wont end up like you?''

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