The Life of a First Grader

Want to know what first graders do in school? Ask first grader moms, like an anonymous mom did. Since this is the next grade up in my house, I was delighted to read the detailed responses. I was also a little amazed! Who knew? A snippet...


"They are working on paragraphs and logical story telling."-- Wimsey

"Double digit math. Daily journal writing. Write a report on different topics twice a month. Reading nightly 30 minutes on top of the reading assignment from the Excel reading teacher. Learning about plants and how things grow in more depth. Learned all the Presidents and capitals of each state." --anonymous

"In math, we finished adding and subtracting up to 12, covered shapes and solids, and started working on fraction (1/2, 1/3, and 1/4) and comparing fractions. In spelling, we've covered all the "short" vowel sounds, and started working on "long" vowel sounds (with the "vowel-consonant-silent e" pattern). In science, we've done plants, animals, how they depend on each other, and are starting to work on the human body. In social studies, we've learned about maps and globes, the continents and oceans, and are starting to learn things about history. Yesterday, she had to make a timeline of her life to represent her history."--amy_k_in_pa

Do first graders rock, or what?

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