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8 Biggest Worries Moms Have When Kids Go Back to School

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kids waiting for busTime for the kids to put their backpacks on and get on the bus to head back to school! It's a time of very mixed emotions for, well, everyone! You want to be thrilled that they're off to start a new chapter, but at the same time, back to school means back to a higher risk for a bunch of icky, unnerving situations kids may suffer through/pick up when they're back in the classroom.

Here, 8 most traumatic things moms worry about when school starts ...

  1. Gross illnesses you dread - From pinworms to head lice, going back to school can mean your little one picking up all sorts of nasty infections.
  2. Bullying - Something all parents fear, but of course the odds go up when kids are in class.
  3. Nervous tummy aches - Whether it's because they don't want to use the bathroom at school or it's just nerves, moms may worry that a tummy ache will result in a call from the school nurse.
  4. Playground injuries - Of course kids can fall and scrape a knee just as easily in the summertime, but recess can be an even riskier business, as it's a daily occurrence and kids are apt to get rowdy with one another.
  5. Discord with a new teacher - Can't forget this biggie! Every year, finding out whose class your child is in is a major event. It's natural to dread discord -- with your child and the teacher or you and the teacher!
  6. Cliques - Unfortunately, back to school can mean back to cliquey, mean girl/boy behavior that could leave your kid out in the cold.
  7. Dressing appropriately - Forget worrying about just the first day back! Every day back is a big deal once kids start being more fashion-conscious ... for better or worse. Even before then, you may still worry whether your kid is dressed right for the weather and the events of the day. 
  8. Food allergies - Either the kind that you're already aware of flaring up or learning about a new one or your child's meal tipping off another kid's! Oh for the love of peanuts!

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What traumatic situations do you worry about most when the kids go back to school?


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the4m... the4mutts

I worry most about the teachers. Most in my kids' school are fantastic, but last year my son got a crotchety old hag that had no idea how to handle 30 kids at once. I sat in on her class a few times, and she picked on my son RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME while the rest of the class was acting like crazy monkeys. All my kid did, was shift in his chair twice during a test. Heaven forbid! And she threatened him with detention. 2 other boys got up and down several times, and were talking and acting foolish, and all they got told to do was sit down.

Brain... BrainyMommy

I worry about school drop off and pick up. Peeps act crazy during this morning routine.

Adie0510 Adie0510

Ummm my #1 fear, that there will be a school shooting! And it's not exactly a ridiculous thing to worry about given the incidences of this type in the past few years.

johnn... johnny4ever

Bullying..which has already happenedbad

jessi... jessicasmom1

not to much really she is well liked and bringing her to realize she will be classmates with everyone at her school so get along with all

Kaci Kaci

Mine are all out of school. But when they were still attending  I was really worried about them catching something from another child. Colds, virus or lice. Eww

Kaci Kaci

Thinking about it I think for me it varied from child to child  because of the difference in ages. The first 2 are 10 yrs apart and the middle one and youngest are 7 yrs apart. With the oldest I worried because whether or not he was getting a good education. He is deaf and was in regular school. The middle one I worried about him getting sick. The youngest I worried about his education also. He was in special classes. I also worried about bullying with him.

pitty... pittymama

no school here yet

Kmakk... Kmakksmom

I'm not worried about my girls.  They are all older and can handle themselves at school for the most part.  My son on the other preschool he rode the bus, kinda.  Now he won't even get on a bus.  Something happened last year that made him very afraid of being on the bus.  :(

godde... goddess99

I worry about how the teacher will be.

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