Suri Cruise Breaks Her Arm, Proves She's Just Like Dad

suri cruiseOh no! Suri Cruise has reportedly broken her arm! At least she waited until the end of summer to do it, and not during the heat of the season when all little kids want to do is live in the water. (Though Suri probably gets to swim whenever she wants -- not to mention all those fancy trips she goes on to exotic places with beaches.)


A representative for Katie Holmes confirmed to People yesterday that the fashionable 7-year-old daughter of Katie and Tom Cruise did in fact break her arm, but did not say if it was the gymnastic classes she's always going to at Chelsea Piers in NYC or from jumping off the bed or any of the other antics active elementary-schoolers love.

She may look like her mom, but clearly little Suri is taking after daddy when it comes to performing her own stunts. No word yet on whether Suri will need to wear a cast, but we're sure if she does, it will be positively gorgeous, maybe even designer. For if anyone can make broken bones stylishly trendy, it's Suri! Speedy recovery, Miss Cruise!

Image via Splash News

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