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Mom Resolution: No More Yoga Pants At Morning School Drop Off

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I dread morning school drop off.

Well, dread is not the right word. I walk my 7-year-old girls to school and that part I love. We chat. They still like to hold my hand.

I also love aspects of the morning routine like French braiding their hair and watching them slip on their oversized backpacks -- the cartoonish proportions help me pretend my girls aren't growing up as fast as they are.

The part I don't like is that no matter how early I get up, I can't seem to get myself in presentable shape for the school run.

The initial euphoria I feel from getting them out of the house on time (when it happens) inevitably turns into a sinking-gut-kind-of-shame as we turn the corner to school and I become acutely aware of the fact that I'm in my yoga pants yet again and my hair is crazy.

There is really no excuse. Plenty of other parents manage to shower, put on a bit of makeup if they want, pick an outfit that makes them feel good and just generally look and feel ready to face their day.

Of course, no one says anything to me. I see my friends. We're all rushing to our next stop. I'm not even sure anyone notices.

I asked a mommy friend how she manages to get herself and her 3 kids ready and the answer wasn't that she wakes up at 5 AM.

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Her kids have a checklist, she says. They get themselves dressed, fed, washed and ready. While they do that, she can do her own morning routine. Coffee. shower, and the like. Her major piece of advice? "No yoga pants. Ever."

Point taken. Clearly, I need to start a checklist and get my kids on board. But I have to wonder, why do I present this version of myself to my peers when I spend the rest of my day in such an entirely differnet mode?

Here's what I've come up with:

I think the way I feel (and look) at drop off is kind of a metaphor for my parenting -- and something that I realize I want to change.

I throw myself into making things as great as possible for my kids -- French braids! -- but, like many moms, I think, I don't pay enough attention to taking care of myself in big ways and small. From taking the extra time to select an outfit that makes me feel good to something deeper.

It's amazing that all of these thoughts converge at morning drop off which lasts all of 5 minutes. But as the first day of school approaches, I'm hoping that I can start the year off with a new regimen in place.

Is there anything you'd like to change about your morning drop off routine?


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jalaz77 jalaz77

Yes, not look so sloppy. I will be honest, I have let myself slack there. Hard to get 4 kids ready, one is a toddler who NEVER listens, running after him most of the morning and the last is a baby that I just probably put back to bed an hour ago and is up wanting fed, held, changed...whatever it is. I dread the school year because I want to look nice for my kids. I plan on trying to be more presentable this year. Wish me luck, I think to make sure everything is on track I will have to be up at 5, which makes me ask is it worth it? The 7 & 5 yr old get themselves ready, school stuff in ready the night before but the 2 that need help make it hard to get myself ready, keep in mind baby is still up 2-3x a freaking night!

N_mar... N_maricle

I wear yoga pants every morning. I'm actually going to the gym to do yoga though...

nonmember avatar Fantasticmrsfox

Our school only allows drop-offs at the door from cars. You can't walk your kid up. Since I'm a sahm, I always wear pjs and just drop my 2nd grader off. It doesn't matter because I'm not seen by anyone. Last week, we ran out of gas on the way there and so we were running super late. They'd already locked up all the doors, so I had to park and eat out....drag my toddler in in her daddy's shirt she's slept in- no pants or shoes, my baby with just a diaper, and my 2nd grader to get buzzed in to the school and then escorted (our school has insanely tight security) to the office where I had to sign him in as tardy. This is all while I had no bra and a pair of stained, ripped pajama bottoms....I'm a size double D. It was mortifying!!!!!

nonmember avatar Cynthia

Given that I have 3 kids with vastly different bus schedules, plus myself to manage, I don't worry about wearing yoga pants or whatever (besides pj's) to get them to the bus. My priority for the morning is getting them to the bus for school and then I can take care of me. I have 1 on the bus at 7am, another at 8am and the other at noon. They all get home at the same time of about 3:25pm. After the first 2 are taken care of, I can change into whatever I need for the day and then take the youngest for kindergarden at lunch time. Soon enough I'll be working and have to leave as early as the rest, but until then I'm going to work with the most comfortable schedule I can.

danie... danielleapril

Omg fantastic, i would have considered a sick day.for the kiddo before wanting to walk in like that lol. Im also very large chested and im horrified when people come to my.door.and i realize its noon and.i still have no bra and pjs on.

Willa... Willa-wonders

You can still look put together in yoga pants. I do it nearly every morning with my kids. A little lipstick and mascara goes a long way. 

nonmember avatar monica

i dont see the issue with yoga pants. i normally go to the gym as soon as the kids are on the bus.. if you arent going to the gym or to work out why are you wearing yoga pants??!!

wyatt... wyattsmom2009

I am sorry but you aren't there to be in a fashion show. If you are comfortable in yoga pants, wear them.

ollie... olliespunkma

Is this what is has come down to ..people should get a grip & see what life really is who gives a fuck what you are wering ...get a life

Todd Vrancic

I saw a t-shirt that says it all:  "I'm out of bed and dressed, what more do you want?"  If you are wearing anything that can be taken as street clothes, more power to you, you're ahead of the game.

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