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6 Ways to Prevent Your Child From Getting Lice Now

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Are you itching just thinking about the possibility of your child getting lice? Unfortunately with summer camp wrapping up and school getting started, it's quite a huge possibility for many kids -- families -- to face.

But some experts say that preventing lice is actually easier than dealing with an outbreak, meaning it's not inevitable as long as you and your kids follow some very important steps.

1. Board-certified dermatologist Paradi Mirmirani, MD, FAAD, and assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the University of California, San Francisco, reminds us that lice don't live very long off the human head, and they don't fly or jump, so one of our best bets to prevent lice is to stop our kids from putting their head against another child's head.

2. Dr. Mirmirani suggests using hot water to wash everything. It kills lice and could help curb an infestation.

3. Tell your child not to share hats, scarves, helmets, brushes, and combs with anyone.

4. Encourage your child to use his or her own hook at school and not to pile any clothes on top of other children's items.

5. This one is controversial, but if there is an outbreak of lice and your child hasn't started scratching yet, avoid sleepovers for a bit.

6. Dr. Mirmirani recommends weekly head checks with your child, explaining to them what you are looking for and why. The more they know, the more prepared they will be and they will perhaps know how to avoid getting lice as well.

What other lice preventing tips would you share?


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Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I dont know if its actually preventative per se', but I always have my daughter's hair in pony tails with braids, or buns.. And I use hair spray to keep it all in line. It makes me feel better knowing that her (long and incredibly thick) hair isnt flapping around all day at school, getting into god know's what lol..

2baby... 2babymomma

i usually use lice shield shampoo and i tell my daughters everyday to keep their heads away from other people and to not share any clothes or anything and for my pre-k daughter i told her not to wear any dress up clothes that they might have in the play area

ktobin2 ktobin2

I never had lice, nor did my four siblings and let me tell you we shared everything and we were a dirty bunch. Just lucky I guess.

MrsRo... MrsRoberts413

Kindergarten teacher chiming in: if your daughter has long hair, keep it tied back or up!  Braids are especially good.  When their long hair flies out behind them, it often brushes against other children or their clothing, picking the lice up along with it.  My only other plea is to please, pleeeeeease just treat your child's lice if they get it.  That means washing ALL bedding, clothing, even their backpack, and doing the special shampoo and painstaking nit-combing.  Don't be like a kid's mom I had a couple years ago, who just shaved his head every time and did nothing else.  As soon as it grew back in, he had it again, he had lice about 7 or 8 times that year.  It was disgusting and the poor kid had to miss a lot of school and got teased about it, nobody wanted to play with him and "catch his bugs."  Just get it right the first time!

nonmember avatar Megan

Tea tree oil mixed into your shampoo...once or twice a week. :) Pretty common here in Hawaii

adopt... adoption2013

Add tea tree oil to their shampoo and comb a little hairspray through their hair.  Lice hate it.

jessi... jessicasmom1

tea tree oil to shampoo 

laken... lakens_mommy

We battled lice all summe. I even got it once. Nothing like being 27 and having lice for the first time lol. We couldn't figure out where it was coming from until their grandmother checked a girl's head that she was babysitting. There was the culprit!

I now put tea tree oil in their shampoo and they haven't had it since!


We had a case of it last yr in my DDs 5th grade classroom. Let me tell you she NEVER wants it again. She no longer shares her hair stuff or hoodies with anyone. Her hair is in a ponytail everyday and we use the lice shield as well.

Tara Churney

Tea Tree Oil helps. We mix a couple drops with water in a spray bottle and have our daughter spray it on her head as part of her regular routine.

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