The Back to School 'Sick Kit" Every Mom Needs

runny noseBack to school time brings on a lot of things: homework, extra-curricular activities, and plenty of infectious illnesses. You know the ones -- nasty colds, flus, stomach bugs. The most prepared moms are well ahead of the diagnoses and have every thing they need to get their kid on the road to feeling better. You can too. Take a look at the perfect "sick kit." It's everything you should keep on hand for those inevitable ailments.

  1. A vapor rub This will quickly relieve a stuffy nose.
  2. Fever reducer Some children respond best to ibuprofen, while acetaminophen works well for others. Keep both on hand.
  3. Saline nose spray or drops I have a mommy friend who swears by this. She uses it on her child every day and says that is why he never gets a cold.
  4. Fever gel pads Much less messy than a wet rag to the forehead. And they come is such cool, kid-friendly designs.
  5. Honey To soothe irritated throats.
  6. Popsicles When a fever has your child grumpy and sweating, this treat is a nice cool down.
  7. Vitamins A daily vitamin could be one of your best defenses against all the cold germs that will be passed around on every doorknob, monkey bar, and swing. 
  8. A good thermometer. My personal favorite is the one that takes the temp via the ear. It can easily be done while your child sleeps. 
  9. Medicine dropper If your son is anything like mind, he runs as soon as he sees that little medicine cup. A dropper is much easier to get the medicine actually in his mouth without a lot of spillage.
  10. Humidifier When that first cold your flu hits, you will need this. You don't want to have to call friends and neighbors in the middle of the night in search of one to borrow.

What other items should be in a mom's "sick kit?"


Image via anna gutermuth/Flickr

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