10 Things I Won't Miss About Summer

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My kids head back to school tomorrow, a fact which is completely bittersweet to me. Though part of me is ready to get back into the school routine, I will miss the lazy days of summer; the kids' freckled faces, highlighted hair and late nights with no consequence. There really is nothing like summer. There are, however, some things I won't miss ...

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1. The towels. Six towels completely fill up my washing machine, so that means during the summer I do approximately 263,512,365 loads of laundry. At least.

2. The sand. Pretty sure I'll still be unearthing it come January.

3. The sunscreen battle. Every two freaking hours.

4. The bugspray. "It's in my mouth!" "It smells" "Yuck" and then if it's not applied ... 

5. The mosquitoes. Followed by the itching of mosquitoe bites. Followed by bloody scabs and band-aid wrappers littering the house.

6. The pressure to be outside. Vegging in front of the TV just seems wrong when it's a perfect pool day. And you know what I love? Vegging in front of the TV.

7. The clothes. Bring on the jeans and sweaters now, please. I can't wait to put my summer dresses into hibernation.

8. RAINBOW LOOM! Please tell me this was just a summer trend. Please.

9. The pool. My kids love the pool. I love my kids. But five hours at the pool and them fighting me to leave? I don't love that so much.

10. The daily ice cream. Well, I'll miss it, but my certainly ass won't.


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nonmember avatar Nicole

I will not at all miss the hot humid days when the kids think it is wonderful outside and I have sweat dripping off every part of me...

nor will I miss the summer bugs

or the dirt mounds my boys love to do construction work in...

and I will really enjoy going into public without my three in tow, begging for this and that even when they never get this and that...I GET TO SHOP WITHOUT HELP ('help' is used very loosely here)

nonmember avatar Katie

Nicole, I agree with you? Help at the store? yeah, right. fighting at the store is more like it. Hello fall and one moment to myself after the kids are on the bus and before I start work!

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