10 Ways You Know You're a Florida Mom (PHOTOS)

welcome to floridaIt was about six years ago that my family moved from Seattle to Florida. I can't say I was thrilled about my new home state based on its odd reputation, but I've grown to love it and all of its quirkiness ... or at least most of it.

You'd think that one state couldn't possibly be that different from another, but it's definitely a whole different world down here -- especially when it comes to raising children. Here are 10 ways you know you're a Florida mom.

What things are particular to your state when it comes to raising kids?


Image via DonkeyHotey/Flickr

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Sarah Todrick

This is so my life! I even moved from Seattle to Florida several years ago as well. I found myself cracking up at each of these becaues they;re just so accurate. Publix for life!

LadyBast LadyBast

I have lived in FL for over 20 years now and love it, I would not move no way. I hate Summer's and the humidity but that is all.. You are so right this is FL :)

Lokis... LokisMama

Bwahahahahahaha, so true.  I've living in Florida my whole life and I can relate to each and every one of these. :-p

angel... angelgrl5200

True! Whats even funnier, is I moved from Seattle to Florida as well, lived in Florida for 12 years! We just moved back to Seattle this past March!

Katriena Young

The gator one made me laugh. I moved away from FL in december of last year to CA and I was frezzing for most of that month through March. (What makes that even sadder is that I grew up in cold states of MT and WY before moving to FL to work.)

Felip... FelipesMom

This was funny, thanks! And the photos went perfectly with the text :o)

Miss_... Miss_Mandy80

All so true. lol. I LOVE Publix ;)

Lindsey Lee Hiltibidal

As a 15th generation Floridian this is so true. I never saw real snow until I was 23, I was obsessed with cellars and basements and absolutely froze to death when I went to MO in the winter time as an adult. Then I got to come home and describe the "weird" northerner stuff to the rest of my family.  Especailly after visiting upstate NY and NJ. lol

nonmember avatar mary

Yes.. we all did the ISR ! Very Important requirement..

Kaeylyn Hunt

LOL!Florida Native here,these are all oh so true,but you forgot a few things:1)cuban anoles(lizards) become not only Housepets,but exercise time for kids trying to chase them.2)you've ever had to tell your kid"NO honey,you CANNOT keep a Landcrab for a Pet!".3) You've ever had to call the fire dept.to come get your kid out of a Coconut Tree after being chased up it by Caymans whilst out hunting for said landcrabs(they're delicious and kids make money selling them here.I've had all the above. ;)

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