Tyler Baltierra Defends Co-Star Maci Bookout’s Decision to Spank Bentley

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maci bookoutJust about everything MTV's Teen Moms do these days becomes big news. So when Maci Bookout tweeted about spanking her son Bentley, we knew a firestorm was coming. It's one of the biggest dividing issues among parents and her confession has made her the newest target of the anti-spanking brigade. But lucky for Maci, a surprising ally has emerged and came to her defense.

Fellow Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra is lashing out at her many critics via Twitter.

Dude people are ridiculous. I was spanked as a child & I turned out FINE! If you didn't give birth 2 Bentley, SHUT UP! #Damn.

I think it’s great that Tyler stood up for Maci. She has a right to spank her child if she sees that as a fitting punishment. In fact, every parent does. I have to admit, it's not a method of discipline my husband uses with our own son, but that's not to say it doesn't work for other families. I do, however, think there are ways to do it correctly and times when it gets completely out of hand.

For one, a parent should never hit a child in anger. When is it ever a good idea to do anything when you are fueled with rage? It's also probably not a good idea for you to use an object like a cord, rod, or any other painful instrument. If a swat on the behind is not enough, perhaps you should consider other punishment options.

But, I will admit, Tyler's defense does have one glaringly weak point. I am specifically referring to this: “I was spanked as a child & I turned out FINE!” The definition of “fine” may be the subject of some debate when you are talking about a Teen Mom castmember. He did have a baby while still in high school and he and his girlfriend are in relationship counseling. That's probably not a path any parent wants for their kid.

Do you think Maci is a bad parent because she spanks?


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nonmember avatar blue

I don't watch these shows, but it seems like his life was less then stellar. I think he is a lucky one to have turned out "fine," and that does not prove spanking is effective. To add, he is not raising a child himself. Once he does that, then he can chime in on parenting advice. I realize they made a brave decision to adopt, but that does not mean he understands how to raise a child. His opinion is not based in parenting reality.

shane... shanesmom24

i was not a spanking parent.  but i will say this.. why the heck is she tweeting about it.  spanking should be done in private  and between the parents and child.  maybe she should have video taped it and put it in fb while she was at it.  

nonmember avatar Taylor

Shanesmom24-The spank was aired on MTV and people went into cahoots about it, so then she decided to tweet and defend her choice.

lovem... lovemy2sons25

There is a difference between spanking and beating. Spanking is fine (in my opinion) beating is not! If you dont want to spank your kid then dont but dont try to tell other people what they should or shouldn't do with their children.

Jacki... JackieGirl007

So Tyler didn't turn out fine because he made a mistake in high school? He is an amazing young man. If you're that judgemental I feel sorry for your kids.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Hit your kids and they too can become a reality show star when they grow up. Stellar message. 

youth... youthfulsoul

I don't spank my kids but what we heard on her show didn't really seem like a spank, more of a swat on the behind. He didn't cry and she was talking to him in a calm manner when she did it. I don't think it was that big of a deal.

shane... shanesmom24

well i dont watch the show and didnt know it was on tv.   thought she was just tweeting about it.  but i still feel spanking should be private.  not for the world to see.  most things i have read on spanking and the proper way to discipline using spanking, it is not done to further humilate a child.  it is done to re enforce what is good behavior versus bad behavior.   i guess we wont know how that will affect him until he can get online and google himself 

nonmember avatar Jordan Riak

Spanking does for a child's development exactly what wife-beating does for a marriage.

nonmember avatar Gina Lupo

Hes fine ppl actin like hes abused or gets beat on the regular. Every once in a while is not child abuse.

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