maci bookoutJust about everything MTV's Teen Moms do these days becomes big news. So when Maci Bookout tweeted about spanking her son Bentley, we knew a firestorm was coming. It's one of the biggest dividing issues among parents and her confession has made her the newest target of the anti-spanking brigade. But lucky for Maci, a surprising ally has emerged and came to her defense.

Fellow Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra is lashing out at her many critics via Twitter.

Dude people are ridiculous. I was spanked as a child & I turned out FINE! If you didn't give birth 2 Bentley, SHUT UP! #Damn.

I think it’s great that Tyler stood up for Maci. She has a right to spank her child if she sees that as a fitting punishment. In fact, every parent does. I have to admit, it's not a method of discipline my husband uses with our own son, but that's not to say it doesn't work for other families. I do, however, think there are ways to do it correctly and times when it gets completely out of hand.

For one, a parent should never hit a child in anger. When is it ever a good idea to do anything when you are fueled with rage? It's also probably not a good idea for you to use an object like a cord, rod, or any other painful instrument. If a swat on the behind is not enough, perhaps you should consider other punishment options.

But, I will admit, Tyler's defense does have one glaringly weak point. I am specifically referring to this: “I was spanked as a child & I turned out FINE!” The definition of “fine” may be the subject of some debate when you are talking about a Teen Mom castmember. He did have a baby while still in high school and he and his girlfriend are in relationship counseling. That's probably not a path any parent wants for their kid.

Do you think Maci is a bad parent because she spanks?


Image via MTV