7 Wacky School Supplies We Secretly Want to Steal From Our Kids

wacky school suppliesWhen it comes to back-to-school shopping, kids look at it as their second birthday of the year. 

While moms hunt the chaotic shelves for the required type of pencil and exact spiral notebook with the plastic cover and three pockets on the school supply list, their kids run down the aisles throwing everything they can get their hands on into the cart. 

While the whole experience can be one big ol' pain in the neck for parents, it's not that hard to see why kids love it so much. There are some pretty neat (and unnecessary) items out there that even parents might have difficulty saying no to. Check out all of these wacky supplies that will actually make your kids EXCITED to go back to school:


Would you ever be tempted to buy some of these crazy back-to-school supplies?

Image via Casey Rackham

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