5 Cool School Supplies Every Kid Will Want This Year

Nicole Fabian-Weber | Aug 21, 2013 Big Kid

pencil caseSchool supplies have come a long way since we were kids. Long gone are the days of bulky Trapper Keepers with neon designs splattered across the front of them. The notebooks, binders, and folders now are actually ... pretty cool.

Check out 5 of the most stylish school supplies that both you and your kid will love.

Image via Etsy

  • Triangle Pattern Screenprinted Notebook




    These adorable screenprinted notebooks that come in a variety of colors will surely make homework fun again. Or not at all. But, hey, they're super cute!

    Where to get them: Etsy

    How much: $7

  • Herschel Supply Co. Settlement Backpack


    This simple yet stylish multicolored backpack is perfect for a boy or a girl. And the extra large pocket in front couldn't make pencil, pen, and marker access any easier.

    Where to get it: Teen Vogue

    How much: $35

  • Shark Pencil Pouch




    Okay, so $44 is kind of a ridiculous amount to spend on a pencil case, but ... how cute is this?!!!

    Where to get it: Etsy

    How much: $44

  • Printed Mead Folders


    These stylish folders come in a variety colors. And at under $2 a pop, why not stock up?

    Where to get it: Target

    How much: $1.72

  • RBT Bages Printed Binders




    Etsy shop owner RBT Bags has tons of cute one-inch binders. Whether your child is into plaid, animal-print, or polka dots, this store has got you covered.

    Where to get it: Etsy

    How much: $12

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