BPA Strikes Our Kids Again! Why We Need to Worry

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plastic bottlesIt's terrifyingly clear that there are so many products that we cannot blindly trust. We have to research and be vigilant and worry about everything. It just comes with the territory of being a parent. It's exhausting, but parenthood is exhausting and wonderful at the same time, so we do what we have to do to keep our kids alive and well and thriving and not ingesting toxins that can seriously harm them. Enter one of our enemies BPA -- bispehnol A -- once commonly found in baby bottles and sippy cups and believed to disrupt the endocrine system, causing chromosomal and reproductive system abnormalities and impairing brain functions.

The great BPA ban that went into effect in many places made us able to breathe a little easier, but it's still around along with DEHP (di-2-ethylhexyl) and found in food packaging. It's not the food that it's packaged in that is necessarily making our kids obese, it's these toxins in the packaging itself.

Aside from getting your food from the farm or local CSA, which many of us cannot always do, what can we do here? Ban plastic in all its forms? What happens when we send our kids out into the big bad world and they eat in places whose food or drinks has traces of BPA and DEHP? We really cannot control everything. But the health risks associated with obesity are too great to ignore.

BPA and DEHP found in urinary concentrations of kids 6 to 18 showed a greater risk for obesity and insulin resistance, along with body mass index in the 95th percentile or higher and an abnormal waist circumference-to-height ratio. These toxins are shown to raise testosterone in men, and seriously affect the thyroid, along with an earlier risk of kidney and heart disease and diabetes.

This isn't what we want to hear. This is another thing to worry about.

Should BPA be banned in all drink containers and food packaging now? It's not just an issue for infants being exposed. 

The study's researchers of course cautioned that more needs to be examined before anything is banned, but they also say that if we do our own ban of BPA and DEHP by using alternatives to plastic (wax paper and aluminum wrap is a better substitute) and not purchasing items in cans made of in this toxin as much as possible, we can reduce our exposure by up to 56 percent. 

Worth doing.

Does this BPA/obesity link worry you? What do you do to reduce exposure?


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amazz... amazzonia

Is not bpa that is making kids obese, is the food they eat!!! Come on!! Seriously???? Bpa I after should be banned, but even I  you do believe me, kids will always be obese until you keep them in front of tv, Wii, in school sitting for 8 h a day an  feed them processed foods and sodas! That is what is making them  obese

tuffy... tuffymama

We don't eat processed and packaged foods, so this isn't such a great concern for us. I realize that is not a possibility for most people, so all food should be clean and safe. Period. Get BigAg out of CONgress and vice versa, and we are all home free as far as safe food goes, I promise.

MamaD... MamaDV1012

Plastics are not a hazard if you don't heat them to boiling temperatures. Heat them in a separate container, glass/ceramic, etc. The whole BPA scare is a scam.

Felicia Nicole Pyles

I agree with amazzonia n this one! Our kids need more excericise! 8 hrs a day and a minimum of maybe 1 hr of play and gym 2 days or less! But in also believe that with all the preserving food goes though it is also preserving the fat in our bodies! Still excercise is key, and better nutrition!

nonmember avatar billie


BPA does not "ONLY" leach when heated. It is used as a lining for cans in many canned goods.... EVEN SOME ORGANIC PRODUCTS! This is especially worrysome with highly acidic foods like tomatoes (spaghetti sauce, anyone), where the acidity of the food breaks down the BPA in the lining, with levels in the food increasing over time.

Personally, I try to buy such products only in glass, but that is not a solution.... it's a bandaid fix. I (nor anyone else, for that matter) should not have to avoid food products because of known toxins. They have no right in being anywhere near our food. The government has a responsibility toward its people to keep them safe, and this is an area where their supposedly "ever watchful" eye fails the people, and instead favours the ideas and profit margins of big corporations. In an era when people are forced to buy organic out of fear of what may be in our food (which is not feasible for many, and is still no guarantee or avoiding toxins), the systems is clearly broken. We as a people should expect better of the government, better of the corporations we support with our purchases, and better for ourselves. TOXINS DON'T BELONG IN OUR FOOD! And unfortunately, if we remain complacent in our stance against such things, change cannot and will not occur!

oOoLe... oOoLeilanioOo

What is making the kids as well as the country obese is the fact that many grocery stores have 80% processed ready to eat food with only 20% of the store being fresh and probably 5% of the fresh food being organic. I go to Kroger and complain every time because I can't find half the fruit or veggies I'm looking for and apparently sprouts are unheard of. If the country stopped being lazy and started eating real food and using glass containers for the leftovers we wouldn't have to be worried about BPA or other random chemicals.

Kristie Rockwell Turck

I started my business because I was using at the time BPA advent plastic bottles. When I found out about how bad BPA is and not to mention all of the other chemicals in plastic. We made the switch to glass and other safe alternatives. I do agree with the above comments that our children do need to exercise more, but I also do believe there is a link between obesity and plastics. Plastics leaching hormones into our childrens food and drink is a scary thing. Now I sell all natural products and try to sell as little plastic as possible. Here is a link to my site, if it is of help. www.theglassbabybottle.com .

Tammy Michelle Blackmore

yeah, 100 years ago they didn't have all this processed and chemical crap the US is feeding us...I was appalled yesterday reading an article about 10 US foods that are banned in other countries...it's disgusting that they care more about other countries' citizens health rather than their own citizens, just sayin'.

nonmember avatar Kelly

Looks like some posters...o0oLeianioOo...need to step down from their soap box. We don't all live in areas where year round fresh food production is feasible. In most parts of the country food is trucked in and the higher cost of fresh fruits & veg is just not in the budget, especially out of season. Don't even talk about the added cost of organic. Know what you are speaking of before you call other people lazy...you obviously don't know ALL the facts behind others choices.

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