1 Easy (Just-in-Case) Trick That Will Help Moms Find Lost Kids

handsLosing a child is every parent's nightmare. The thought of looking away for a split-second and then turning around and not seeing your child is almost too much for any mother or father to even talk about. But ... if, god forbid, it did happen, do you know what you'd do? Do you have a plan in order? Something that will make finding them as easy and painless as possible?

Hopefully, none of us will ever, ever have to deal with a horrific situation like this, but one mom on Reddit came up with a really good idea for helping find your kid if he or she were ever to get lost.

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Take a full-body photo of your kid(s) right before you leave to go somewhere with a big crowd (the beach, an amusement park, etc.). This way, if they get lost, you can show their photo to people around you, and they'll know exactly what to look for, down to the outfit they're wearing. Pretty smart.

Hopefully, this is something none of us will ever need to use, but parents, please take note, and please, please pass along. It may seem obvious after reading it, but it's definitely not something everyone would think to do. I know I didn't.

Thanks for the tip, Redditor.

What things do you do to prevent your child from getting lost?


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Felip... FelipesMom

That is brilliant, thank you! 

I write phone numbers on my son in sharpie if we are going somewhere where getting lost is more possible than usual. (He knows my phone number now, but I still do it, and I add other family members' numbers). I got the idea from the brilliant mom who invented temporary tattoos with your name and number that you can put on your kid.


clear... clearlyme

Good idea! This is part of the reason I constantly take photos of my son. I have lost him in a crowded place and it was the worst 15 minutes of my life! He is not shy and will go with anyone who shows him an ounce of kindness. I was terrified. He stays in his stroller now or with a child harness. I like the temp tattoo of info too!

Nicole Idland

great idea! another great and common thing to do is write your child's and your names and cell phone number inside their shoe. then if they get lost, they can give their shoe to an adult. and teach your kids that if they get lost, to find someone working whatever event your at, as opposed to just any adult they pass by. a worker (such as a vendor worker, security guard, or ride attendant) would have better knowledge of where to take a lost child for a parent to find easier (lost and found, security office, etc.)

Tina Kimbark

When my two sons (now aged 18 and 21) were little and before they had cell phones, I would write my cell phone # on the inside at the bottom of their shirt. If they got separated, I also placed wristbands on that had whistles on them, that way they could actually blow the whistle to let me know their location.

nonmember avatar me

Ive heard that before and I try to do it everytime we go somewhere where theres lots of people. That whistle idea is great too, ill definately use it. Just few weeks ago, I was at the beach playground with my three kids, 5,7,10 and when it was time to go I turned around to pick up our things from the ground and when I stood up my 5 y old was gone. Literally took less than 5 seconds. Took us almost 5 minutes to find her, shed gone across the boardwalk to the bathrooms and just walked back like nothing happened. Before that I never really believed when people said it took one moment, but now, I know how fast a little kid can really disappear

MrsRo... MrsRoberts413

On top of that fantastic measure, always teach your kids what they should do if they get separated from you!  I got lost at Sea World when I was about 3 or 4, and I did exactly what my parents taught me: find a security guard/police officer, a staff member, or a mom with kids and tell them "I'm lost and need help finding my parents."  Fortunately, my cousin spotted me as a nice woman and her kids were taking me to the security officer, and screamed "AUNT NANCY SHE'S RUNNING AWAY WITH A CRAZY LADY!!!" lol, but it was so important that I knew what to do! 

nonmember avatar Jo

I also always tell my kids that if we get separated, go to the last place we were together and STAY THERE. Nothing worse than both the parents and kids wandering aimlessly hoping to run into one another again. Esp somewhere that is potentially unfamiliar to the family, like an amusement park.
This worked great when my 10 year old at the time and I were apart because of miscommunication. He didn't return for quite a while, but I stayed within eyesite of the bench we were sitting at, in case he returned. I happened to look over a tall bush and saw him at the spray park. Had I been running around the park, I would have made myself crazy looking for him.

BatMom. BatMom.

I always do. I also carry a very recent photo of my Son in my wallet. But I always have Him in my eyesight, and He doesn't try to run off or anything. Not saying it'll never happen, but we can only do our best to make sure it doesn't - and to get Him back if (God forbid) it did.

Christine Armington

Back in 2009 I wrote an article on this topic, with numerous tips.


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