1 Easy (Just-in-Case) Trick That Will Help Moms Find Lost Kids

handsLosing a child is every parent's nightmare. The thought of looking away for a split-second and then turning around and not seeing your child is almost too much for any mother or father to even talk about. But ... if, god forbid, it did happen, do you know what you'd do? Do you have a plan in order? Something that will make finding them as easy and painless as possible?

Hopefully, none of us will ever, ever have to deal with a horrific situation like this, but one mom on Reddit came up with a really good idea for helping find your kid if he or she were ever to get lost.


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Take a full-body photo of your kid(s) right before you leave to go somewhere with a big crowd (the beach, an amusement park, etc.). This way, if they get lost, you can show their photo to people around you, and they'll know exactly what to look for, down to the outfit they're wearing. Pretty smart.

Hopefully, this is something none of us will ever need to use, but parents, please take note, and please, please pass along. It may seem obvious after reading it, but it's definitely not something everyone would think to do. I know I didn't.

Thanks for the tip, Redditor.

What things do you do to prevent your child from getting lost?


Image via pixydust8605/Flickr

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