Drinking Soda May Make Your Child More Violent & Aggressive

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sodaSoda, or should I say sugar water, is already horrible for our kids in about a gazillion different ways. It can rot their teeth. It makes them all hyper and unruly. And it's loaded with empty calories and caffeine and chemicals and all sorts of disgusting stuff.

But if that isn't enough to convince parents that their kids shouldn't be drinking it, a new study from the Journal of Pediatrics says soda may make kids more violent and prone to aggressive behavior.

The research was conducted at Columbia University, and moms of 5-year-olds were asked how much soda their kids drink.

Half of the moms reported their kids drinking at least one soda per day, and 1 in 25 kids consumed four sodas per day. (Seriously?)

And guess what? The ones who had four per day were found to be more than twice as likely to physically attack others, get into fights, and destroy personal belongings than the kids who drank stuff other than soda.

So there you have it. Not only is soda detrimental to your child's health, it also has the potential to make him a little monster.

My son is seven, and he's never had one single sip of soda. And I plan on doing everything in my power to keep things that way until he's much, much older -- hopefully until he's a teenager (at which point soda will probably be the least of my concerns as far as what he's drinking goes.)

And I have to admit -- when I heard that there are 5-year-olds out there drinking it? I was more than a little appalled. What parent in their right mind gives a child that young soda? I hate to be judgy, because there are a whole host of other treats I allow my child to have -- but soda? For some reason, it just seems so much worse to me than other sweets. Maybe it's because it's carbonated. Or maybe it's because it's a liquid and gets into their bloodstream faster than cookies or cake. Whatever the case, as far as my kid is concerned, soda is the devil -- something I don't want him getting mixed up with and turning into a mean little hyperactive, aggressive animal.

Hopefully after hearing about this study, more parents who do allow their children to drink it will think twice and fill up their kids' cups with something else. (How about water? There's a thought.)

Do your kids drink soda?


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Coles... Coles_mom

Well, I drink soda and I let my kids have it occasionally too.

katyq katyq

My son is not allowed soda and we dont keep it in the house. That shit is highly addictive and i don't want to raise him that way.

onefo... onefootcutiepie

Again, causation vs correlation. My guess is that parents who let their kids drink four sodas a day are lax in other areas that contribute to aggression.

nonmember avatar Meg

Going to have to agree with onefootcutiepie here.

Katha... Katharine205

My daughter is allowed to have soda on occasion, she gets a sprite or rootbeer here and there...I'd hardly say she's violent.  I'd hardly say soda is the enemy too.....I think lack of parental care and gluttony are the issues here.

MamaT... MamaTo2b2g

I don't know, Mary Ficher. I judge moms who leave their kids all the time so they can have "me time" hasher than I judge those who let their kids have a soda once in awhile.

schlis schlis

My daughter (22 months) is "not allowed" to have soda. Occasionally she grabs my cup and takes a sip before I can stop her, and I figure she got it fair and square. And when my brother in law let her have sprite one day, I just didn't let her have anything sugary for the rest of the day. No big. All things in moderation, right ?

Felip... FelipesMom

I can't believe there are that many 5-year-olds drinking a soda a day. What is wrong with these parents?!?!

katyq katyq

I agree felipemom...once my husband and i were having dinner at a friends house. Our son had just turned two and our friends had at the time and 18 month old and a 2 1/2 year olf and at dinner they gave all three toddlers a can of pepsi. I asked for water instead for my son. I was really apalled but there are alot of people who do this. Sugar aside, what about all those chemicals?

nonmember avatar Faith

I'm type 1 diabetic. Been that way a very long time-20 years next year (IF I make it to next year's birthday). I believe soda is just one of the problems we have that needs to be eliminated in order for the kids to not develop diabetes. Kids do what the parents do/Throw temper tantrums in order to get something they see that they want to eat or drink, etc. Children with diabetes sometimes don't outlive their parents & diabetes is more than a epidemic now. Shockingly it has become a lifestyle all its own & people are okay with that? Not one person or parent should want to have to take care of a child who has become diabetic because they were ignorant & chose to eat & drink unhealthly. Everyone should want themselves & their kids to live happy healthy lives without things like junk food & soda that will not only cause aggression but will eventually develop diabetes into their bodies

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