6 Durable Kids' Jeans That Will Last The Whole School Year

love is organic denimEvery year it's the same: I buy my son jeans. By February the knees are worn through. I try to patch them up, but it's a disaster. I give up, and my son wears ratty, torn jeans through the end of the school year. What the hell, jean makers? Why can't you make jeans that actually last a whole year? 

I decided to turn my quest for durable kids' jeans to The Prowl and got some excellent recommendations there. And then I added a couple more I found. Here are the top six most durable kids' jeans I could find.

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4kidz916 4kidz916

Good info!

Todd Vrancic

Why couldn't I find these when my kids were little?  My son wore out every pair of jeans he had until he was a junior in high school! (slight exaggeration)

timon95 timon95

I shop at the childrens place and my son has worn through those jeans. may have to tryout the tough skin jeans.

Robcat21 Robcat21

My boys are so hard on jeans. They wear out the knees in world record time. Childrens Place, Gap, Old Navy, etc. Childens Place is the worse... they ripped a pair in 2 hours! A friend gave me a pair of Faded Glory (Wal-Mart brand) that her son had outgrown.... they were amazing. So amazing, I bought 4 more pair, and those didn't rip, either. I was actually able to pass them down to the next boy. You can feel the difference in the denim... who would have thought Wal-Mart brand?

johnn... johnny4ever

Wrangler or Carhart for my son

Bmat Bmat

Good tips, thank you. Something I did when my boys were younger was to iron on jean patches.

TheBa... TheBabyFactory4

I haven't found a jean my son hasn't worn out quickly

Miran... Miranda1127

childrens place, really?? We haven't shopped at childrens place in years, we stopped shopping there b/c of how poor quality their cloths were. It was fine when the kids were still growing and they didn't spend more than a few months in a size, but now that they aren't growing so fast it makes no sense to buy cloths that cheaply made.

lalas... lalasmama2007

I can never find jeans that fit my dd right =(

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