6 Durable Kids' Jeans That Will Last The Whole School Year

Adriana Velez | Aug 16, 2013 Big Kid

love is organic denimEvery year it's the same: I buy my son jeans. By February the knees are worn through. I try to patch them up, but it's a disaster. I give up, and my son wears ratty, torn jeans through the end of the school year. What the hell, jean makers? Why can't you make jeans that actually last a whole year? 

I decided to turn my quest for durable kids' jeans to The Prowl and got some excellent recommendations there. And then I added a couple more I found. Here are the top six most durable kids' jeans I could find.

  • Lands' End Iron Knee Jeans


    I've gotten Lands' End jeans before, and they've lasted the longest of the bunch. But their "Iron Knee" jeans are reinforced with an invisible polyester patch. They also have double-stitched seams for extra durability. And they're guaranteed for life, so if they do (somehow) wear through, I can demand a new pair. Kind of perfect, right?

  • Carhartt Washed Denim


    Wow, triple seams and 10.5-ounce cotton, that sounds tough. These Carhartt jeans come highly recommended.

  • Toughskins


    Toughskins -- that kind of suggests that the whole point of these jeans is invincibility, right? Their price point, on the other hand, is gentle: $12, the least expensive of this bunch.

  • Children's Place Skinny Jeans


    Another recommendation, these jeans from Children's Place are made from denim woven with polyester, plus they have reinforced seams. They also appear to be on sale right now for 10 bucks.

  • LOVE IS Organic Denim


    And now, just for laughs, let's go to crazy town and look at these jeans by LOVE IS Organic Denim. Not only is the denim organic and the dyes environmentally conscious, the cotton is fair trade. The only thing I don't like is the price: ZOMG, they come in around $100 a pair. Not saying they aren't worth it (theoretically), but when you're looking at buying seven pairs, that's a hefty investment. They'd better last through the school year at that price!

  • Gap 1969 Skinny Jeans


    I got my son a pair of these last year and they did pretty well. And he looked so freakin' cool in them.

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