6 Things Every Sports Mom Must Keep in Her Car

sidelinesWhen you're going to a sporting event with a child, be it a professional one or that of an older sibling's, you best come prepared. In case you hadn't noticed, kids don't have the same attention spans we do, and sitting outside can get boring or uncomfortable real fast when you're a small fry.

So, stock up. Stock up on any and all things that will keep your child entertained and fed and warm when the initial thrill of "hey, this is cool!" wears off.

Here are 6 things every sports mom needs to keep in her car at all times.


1. Snacks, snacks, and more snacks. A hungry child is a super unhappy child. And, in turn, a hungry child leads to a sad, frustrated mama. Keep non-perishables -- pretzels, trail mix, water -- in the car for when innings go extra long and you don't feel like buying your child their fourth hot dog.

2. Folding chairs. Keep a few of those collapsible nylon chairs in the trunk at all times. When they're a permanent fixture in your car, you don't run the risk of ever -- gasp -- forgetting about them. Also, you get to avoid lugging them in and out of the house.

3. Blankets. They say it's a good idea to keep a blanket or two in your car at all times for emergencies, but they're bound to come in handy when outdoor games go into overtime. Cold kids equal no bueno.

4. A tricycle. When things get real, time to bust out the tricycle. No child can resist the sight of a teeny-tiny bike just begging to be ridden.

5. A pen and paper. Try to get your little one involved by inventing a game about the game you're watching. Ask them to keep track of how many times the ball is kicked or how many time-outs there are. They'll love feeling like they're a part of things.

6. A camera (with or without film!). Ask your child to be the "photographer" for the event. They can either take pictures for real or simply make a game of it, acting like they're a member of the press!

How do you keep your little one entertained at sporting events?

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