6 Ways Technology Is Killing Your Kid's Childhood

kids with ipadThere is no doubt about it, technology has made our lives better in too many ways to count. Nanny cams, baby monitors, and GPS navigation systems are just a few of those things we moms can't live without these days. Not to mention smartphones and tablets. I won't travel without an iPad loaded with enough kid-friendly apps to keep my son from asking, "Are we there yet?" a million times. But for all the ways those gadgets have improved our lives, there are many ways it has a negative impact when it comes to kids. Check out the 6 ways technology is destroying your kids' childhood.

  1. Porn spam. You can't predict when those raunchy advertisements will pop up on the screen. Plus, many parents complain about the anonymous emails that link to porn sites that appear in everyone's inbox.
  2. Facebook bullies. When we were children, we never imagined being terrorized in this way. This goes way beyond seeing something nasty about you etched on a bathroom stall.
  3. Crushes the desire to get up from the couch. Why get up when you can have loads of fun parked on a sofa, bed, or comfy chair. Kids are way too engrossed in cool apps and video games to actually want to go outside and play.
  4. They have no concept of privacy. They are growing up in a culture where it’s normal to advertise every single thing you do, from going to the bathroom to what you hate most about yourself.
  5. False sense of connection to outside world. "Friending" someone on Facebook or following them on Twitter isn't the same as actually making a real friend or developing a friendship. There is something to be said for real, human social interaction.
  6. It makes it easy to lie. You can become anyone you want on the Internet. Problem is, so can everyone else. This has created the perfect environment for sexual predators.

Do you think technology negatively affects kids in any way?

Image via Richard Lemming/Flickr

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