Make Crazy Cool School Supplies With Decorative Washi Tape (VIDEO)

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Decorative masking tape, also called Japanese washi tape, is making a huge impression on crafts this year! Just one look at Pinterest and you'll see tons of fun ideas for decorating with washi tape and patterned duct tape. I really loved the pins I saw that used washi tape to decorate school supplies. Not only did this sound like a fun back-to-school activity to help my kids prepare for the big day, but it also seemed like an easy way to make my kids' school supplies stand apart from their friends' supplies. Will this mean no mix-ups this year?

I set off to purchase decorative tape along with this year's school supplies to find out if washi tape school supplies is a Pinterest win or a Pinterest fail!

Watch this video and find out if it worked for us!:

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Would your enjoy adding washi tape to their school supplies?

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nonmember avatar Sun Jamm

I went to this story (washi tape) from a news site I was originally reading.I was happy it brought me to"The Stir"and the"Mom Café",Are they 2 of the same? I'am not sure as it has been some time since I've been to either site for school,children&Mom's ideas,opinions&crafts.I'am a Nana,but love to visit these 2 sites while keeping up new happening in todays's parents lifes&of course,their children's lifes@home and in school.I have to many miles between myself&my daughter's family,2 boys,so when I find interesting ideas I think they will like&do I e-mail the article to them.Most are a "go",I don't recall any that were a "fail"from eithr of these sites.Thank You-Nana in Adirondacks-NY-Daughter&GRAND :)sons in Wy. 8-18-13

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