10 Sanity-Saving Back-to-School Supplies for Moms

Phew! After countless trips to various stores and numerous dollars buying it all, I think I finally have all of my kids' back-to-school supplies in the house. Yesterday, I packed the new backpacks, as I checked the items off the (really long) lists of supplies, and feel as ready as I'm going to get for them to walk out the door Tuesday morning ... for the most part.


There are still a few things, however, I have left to get to truly be prepared for this new school year we face -- things for me. No one gives you a list, but after a few years of having kids in school, moms learn that there are some things we need too to make it through the school year. Here are 10 things that should be on every mom's back-to-school list. Stock up now!

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back to school supplies moms need1. Caffeine (and lots of it) -- They have to be out the door at WHAT time?

2. Gift Cards -- Always handy for bribing getting on a teacher or principal's good side.

3. Aspirin -- For the headache that is homework and the ensuing fight to get them to do it.

4. A Fresh Supply of Elastic Bands -- Ponytails are a mom's best friend when you have to get out the door quickly.

5. Yoga Pants -- Okay, it's a tie for mom's best friend -- yoga pants and ponytails.

6. A Megaphone -- For getting everyone up and out the door in the morning.

7. A Secret Stash of Chocolate -- To reward yourself for not losing your sh*t when dealing with those uber annoying parents.

8. A Book on Meditation Techniques -- To avoid road rage in the school parking lot and pick-up line.

9. Wine -- No explanation needed.

10. Patience -- Let me know if you see it for sale anywhere.

What back-to-school supplies do you need?


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