I Let My Daughter Dress Herself for a Week & The Results Were, Well ... (PHOTOS)

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little girl's crazy outfitWe have reached the point of no return, a "Y" in the parenting road. My daughter wants to choose her own outfit for the first day of school. She's 8. She has a very ... let's just say interesting ... fashion sense.

You can imagine my predicament. Perhaps you've been there? Perhaps your daughter dresses like mine?

Because I let her run a bit wild in her closet this summer, and the clothes she chose ranged from ragamuffin to "are you really going out like that?"

Honestly, I love her fashion sense ... or the lack thereof. It fills me with abject horror when we go out of the house, but it amazes me to see what she comes up with.

OK, amazes me and amuses me.

So I decided it was time I finally started documenting the crazy that is life with a little "fashionista." Something tells me that in the years to come, these will be the photos the whole family giggles over (her included ... I'm not being mean Mommy here; we're a family that laughs together).

Below is the evidence. If this doesn't make you want to run out and do the same with your daughter, then I don't know what will!

Do you let your daughter dress herself? Are you documenting it?!


Image by Jeanne Sager

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Simon... SimonzKedge

Love the outfits.  :)

nonmember avatar Saoirse

I think she looks adorable! Punky Bruster like... at least she is covered up appropriately, unlike so many youths these days! Enjoy... she's precious!

rphar... rphardwick

She dresses like my DD ...

Be happy mama. At least she isnt trying to dress like Miley .... :)

Todd Vrancic

This is how all kids learn what goes with what.  Some of us never get the hang of it!

MamaD... MamaDV1012

Love it!  Let them be individuals and experiment.  Outside of school yes, we let our daughter dress herself. 

casti... castinghub

She looks great!

April... AprilJune

I love it! My 3 year old is already insisting she pick her own clothes (and has been for quite some time!). She has put together some pretty ridiculous outfits lol I mostly give her choices that I know will work and let her pick from them, but it won't be long before she starts insiting on total control. I'm glad I'm not alone lol

KayRay KayRay

My ten year old has picked her outfits since she was six. As long as they are weather appropriate and the cover everything that needs to be covered I am GOOD! I am glad she is confident enough to be different. When I was young I had to be just like everyone else. The other of being different scared me to death but she loves it. Be proud she is self confident!


Amy May Niemeyer

My daughter is 11. She dresses the exact same way. I think it's cute, But my mother and sister are always yelling at her to match her clothes. I think it's good to let them find there own since of style. It lets them know you value how they think and feel, and gives them a since of well being.

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