7 Make-Ahead School Lunches That Will Save Your Mornings

bento lunch box

The new school year is almost here, and guess what I'm most nervous about? Lunch. Every morning I'm slapping together those sandwiches, smearing cream cheese on a bagel, or maybe throwing some string cheese sticks and the rest of the graham crackers into a paper sack and hoping that passes for lunch. Or maybe that's just me?


Let's get some fresh ideas in there. Better yet, let's get some lunch ideas you can make the night before so your kids can just grab and go in the morning. But what to make that won't be soggy by morning? I pestered my more experienced lunch-making friends for some inspiration.

Be sure and throw in some fruit or chopped veggies with these! Try chopping large batches of carrot sticks, cucumbers, pineapple, or whatever else your kids like over the weekend. Wrap and store well so you can grab a small bunch at a time for each lunch.

make ahead lunch box ideas

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