Why Are Kids So Rude These Days?

Why are kids so rude these days? Every time I'm around children that aren't my own, I can't help but think about the lack of manners. Granted, my kids aren't angels and don't necessarily remember to say "please" and "thank you" all the time. However, I'm usually right there to remind them.

That's not the case with most of the kids I see these days. So I have to wonder, do parents care about manners any more or is it just me?


Whether we're in our own home or out in public, I'm a pretty big stickler about behavior and manners. It's not about making a good impression, which hey, is a nice bonus. Mostly I care that my kids grow up to be polite, responsible adults. And in my opinion, manners go a really long way.

Here are 5 etiquette rules I'm pretty firm about enforcing that I wish other parents would do too.

1. Please

While I don't force my kids to speak to people they don't know, I will prompt them to say "please" if they want something. And if they don't, then I will say it for them. Simple as that.

2. Respectful Adult Greeting

In my house, you address adults by Ms. or Mrs. Last Name or Miss or Mister First Name (something that's more common in the south where my kids grew up). I cringe when children call adults by their first name.

3. Table Manners

I'm not necessarily a "no elbows on the table" person, but I'm a big fan of family meals whenever we can manage it. That means we all sit and eat together and when we're done, we all ask to be excused. There will be no popping up and running around whenever we please.

4. Excuse Me Please

I can't tell you how many times I get bumped by kids, none of whom ever say "Excuse me." My kids are taught to say it when they bump someone accidentally or need to get by someone, just like my parents taught me.

5. Thank you

I'm not just a stickler about thank you, but I also make sure that they what they are thankful for when we are on a playdate or visiting someone else's home. I think making the extra effort leaves a good impression.

What manners are you a stickler about?


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