10-Year-Old Boy Drives Car to Safety After Great-Grandma Passes Out (VIDEO)

gryffin sanders

Have you ever stopped and thought about what your kids would do if something were to happen to make you unable to drive your car? Well, one kid in Colorado found himself faced with that exact scenario while riding with his 74-year-old great-grandmother.

Darlene Nestor was behind the wheel when she suddenly fainted, and that's when 10-year-old Gryffin Sanders took the wheel and steered the car into a ditch on the right side of the road -- all while it was traveling at 60 miles per hour.

Take a look at this video to hear about how Gryffin's quick thinking likely saved his life, his grandmother's, and the life of his 4-year-old brother who was also in the car at the time of the incident.


Wow, what a cool kid! Not only did he calmly take charge of what was no doubt a very serious and scary situation -- but he also had the presence of mind to make a quick maneuver to get the car to the side of the road instead of trying to crawl into his great-grandmother's lap and hit the brakes or something. Most kids would've freaked out!

And wait until you hear this one. Gryffin says he credits his "driving skills" to doing something most parents get all bent out of shape and worried about their kids doing too much of: playing video games.

Yep. In addition to driving go-karts, apparently playing Mario Kart helped Gryffin know what to do to get the car to safety.

Huh. Maybe we should all let our kids have a few more minutes of screen time each week.

Would your child know what to do in this situation?


Image via NBC News

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