The Chilling Drowning Video Every Parent Needs to See (VIDEO)

wave poolOf all the videos that get passed around and shared on the Internet, this one, which has recently gone viral, is a true must see, especially for parents. In it you see a crowded wave pool, with kids splashing and having fun. A few seconds in, a child starts drowning, but it isn't until a lifeguard jumps in and rescues her that your attention is even drawn to the drowning child.

It's chilling because it's so easy to overlook this struggling child. There's so much action and commotion all around, that nobody seems to notice. Thankfully the lifeguard does, but it's a scene that could and does play out more tragically in pools and other bodies of water everywhere.

I was at a crowded water park the other day with a lazy river, wave pools, slides, and all the usual fun water activities. There were so many people, and so much activity that such a scene would be easy to miss even if you were nearby. According to an article on Slate, of the approximately 750 children who die in a year of drowning, about 375 of them do so within 25 yards of a parent or other adult.

The video was uploaded to YouTube as part of training for lifeguards, but it's such a vital example for all parents to watch. While lifeguards are invaluable, they simply can't see everything going on and aren't always there, so we all should know what the signs of drowning look like. Here's a great article that describes four signs of drowning, which coupled with this video really makes you rethink what you thought you knew about people drowning.

Watch it. Share it. And the next time you're near water, remember it.

Have you ever seen a child drowning? Were you able to spot the child drowning in this video?


Image via Lifegaurd Rescue/Flickr


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Histo... HistoryMamaX3

So scary... and I was going into the video LOOKING for a kid in trouble. :-(

abra819 abra819

me too, I started crying when I saw her go under

nonmember avatar Lena

Very scary. Thank God for the lifeguard who was doing his job and reached her in time.

marci... marcie1455

Whew, that's frightening!


brand... brandi185

my 9 year old son almost drowned at a pool party a couple months ago.  it was hosted by his cub scout den leader for his son's birthday.  there was a lifeguard there and a lot of adults there and we knew more than half of them so we felt comfortable leaving our son in their care.  it is known that our son can't swim and we even fitted his life vest on him before leaving him there.  when we picked him up after finding out that he almost drowned we then found out that someone had allowed him to take his life vest off.  hello, if a child is brought to a pool party in a life vest it's probably for a reason and he should be made to wear it the whole time.  needless to say the next pool party he goes to we will be there with him.

nonmember avatar Amy

I was 2 feet from my 8 year old nephew last week in a pool. I watched him go under. I thought he was swimming. Then it clicked. His eyes were bulging out looking at me. I reached out and grabbed him. He was drowning and I didn't even recognized it from watching it! I felt/feel terrible! Thank Jesus he is ok, but the pool was loud and crazy that nobody even heard me yelling for help to get him out (I had my 3 year old in my arms too). I guess my nephew wasn't supposed to be in without a life jacket so his mom didn't even know he was in there. Changed my vigilance around water completely!

Shawna Pierson

A kid on my son's football team, that was on a swim team for 6 years!!!!, drowned at the age of 12 two years ago. Sadly when a child is really drowning, the commotion and flailing arms are much less common, usually they get in trouble while under water and no one notices until it is too late. He was at a pool party with many adults and other kids from his swim team and they believe he was under water for 3-5 minutes before anyone noticed and it was too late.

Krysta Geairn

this makes me upset knowing others were watching and didnt even bother to do anything to help her


nonmember avatar shananana

Who put that kid in the water WITHOUT a life vest on if she could not swim? Kudos to the lifeguard !

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