School Volunteering 101: Not Your Mother’s Room Mom

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Room Moms: More Fun & More Engaged in the Digital Age

Are you Room Mom material? If you’ve run from the role before, take another look. The digital age is making it easier, more engaging, and more fun than ever before. If you’re considering becoming the room mom, take the plunge! If you know a room mom, share these trends.


Organizing Online

Savvy room moms (and dads) plug in as many parents as possible, finding opportunities for parents with different skills and schedules to get involved in their child’s education and contribute to a fun and memorable school year. Parents appreciate the convenience of being able to commit to class volunteer needs and fundraisers online. Free online sign-up sheets from VolunteerSpot eliminate the awkwardness of last-minute phone calls or the guilt of finding a flyer requesting help two weeks too late. Room moms can schedule a whole calendar of needs like recess help, lunchroom duty, and class party and field trip volunteers easily and efficiently online. Parents can sign up 24/7 from any smartphone or computer. Automated reminders get more parents involved and save time, all without frustrating ‘reply-all’ email chains! Check out VolunteerSpot here.

Using Social Media

If Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are the bandwagon, then Room Moms are on it! Using social media to not only recruit class parent volunteers, but grow the class parent community is easy, fun, and best of all, free. Private Facebook group pages help parents receive updates on classroom happenings and volunteer needs. Pinterest boards let class parents get creative and share ideas on everything from class parties and educational apps to healthy snacks and books kids love. Twitter helps keep parents up-to-date on alerts/announcements as well as volunteer opportunities, special projects, and homework assignments.

Being Practical! 

We’re all busy, so let’s cut each other some slack! If one mom wants to bake for the class party and the other wants to drop off store bought muffins, say "Thank You!" If a dad can’t come to a performance but can paint props at home, rock on! If a mom can’t make it reading circle because she’s out of town on business but can Skype in, connect with the teacher and help her do it!

Working Room Moms

More and more working moms are taking on the Room Mom role. Having the skill sets to communicate, delegate, and collaborate makes working moms great candidates for the position of getting class parents organized and teacher support needs met. As more working moms become Room Moms, they’re taking advantage of free online sign-ups, social media, and other online communication platforms (email, class blogs) to coordinate parents and get more of them involved. Saving time (and stress) with all the ‘busy work’ of being a room mom makes it totally possible to have a full-time job and still make a difference in the classroom.

Reply-all emails, flyers home, and illegible paper sign-ups are out -- digital room moms are in! Are you a digital room mom? Leave a comment or join the conversation on Facebook!

VolunteerSpot is proud to save Room Moms and Teachers hundreds of hours by simplifying the task of signing up, scheduling, and reminding parents -- reducing your busy work and leaving you more time to focus on what’s important. Room Moms use VolunteerSpot to coordinate weekly readers, recess and classroom helpers, holiday parties, field trips, potlucks, and more! Try a free demo today.

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