Angelina Jolie's 'Family' iPad Fiasco Shows How Unspoiled Her 6 Kids Really Are

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Angelina Jolie Brad PittI would like all parents to sit down because I'm about to reveal some astonishing and, frankly, fantastical and virtually impossible to believe news about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's six kids. They are reportedly -- are you sitting? -- all forced to share the same iPad. The horror, the horror. This implausible but apparently true tidbit comes courtesy of a man who tried to steal said iPad -- the ONE that six kids share -- and was arrested for his pains.

It all started when the eldest kid, Maddox, was dropped off at a paintball center in California with a bodyguard. Passersby then noticed a man trying to reach into the SUV Maddox had exited to steal an iPad clearly marked "FAMILY." Sources say it's the iPad that all the kids use.

Let me repeat. All the kids use.

How is this possible?! I know that Angelina can work miracles -- she somehow managed to keep her double mastectomy secret in a town where Amanda Bynes or Lindsay Lohan can't tear a nail without it making the front page of TMZ -- but could she really manage to get SIX kids to SHARE an IPAD?!

I don't believe it. But let's just act like it's true.

Surely Brangelina can afford, like, 100 iPads for each one of their kids. They could buy the entire iPad factory. So why just one iPad for six kids ranging in age 4 four to 11?

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My guess is Brangelina are INCREDIBLY CHEAP. Har! No, my guess is they are trying to teach the kids to SHARE.

Share!!!! What a noble and outdated concept. Not only that, sharing an iPad between six kids would mean that each only gets to spend a small amount of time on it, curtailing their technology habit, and possibly guaranteeing that they grow up to know how to formulate a sentence and make eye contact with other humanoids.

Wonderful and admirable, but is it worth all the screeching and torn ligaments that must ensue when the kids grapple for the iPad?

Or do they not fight?????

I think we know who the next president should be. If you can make six kids share an iPad, getting Congress to agree on anything should be a cinch.

Do your kids share technology? COULD they share technology?


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nonmember avatar Evee

A picture on the dailymail shows that it is actually an iPad 1...that's right the very first version which came out in 2010. Makes the 6 sharing it believable since otherwise they would have given the kids ipad 4s and what not.

astenken astenken

Don't you think it is remotely possible that they have several iPads marked "family" to keep the kids off their iPads which probably has not kid-friendly content?  With all of the traveling this family does, I am certain all members have more than their fair share of technological toys. 

imasu... imasurvivor

Good for them! I applaud the simplicity.

momav... momavanessa

LOL okay. My kids shared a leap pad until it got water damage! They fought over that thing like nobody's business. Now this year my hubby and I have decided to get them each a Leap pad Ultra. They can share anything else but not electronics!

Mollie Wright

My two boys share an iPad and it is an incredible pain in the butt!  If we could afford one for each, we would do it.  Yes, they learn how to share by using this one, but man, I could really do without all the fighting and crying that goes on around this thing.  

Diane Crandall Woods

omg!!!! if "the stars" are teaching awesome ethics and NOT spoiling their privileged kids!!!!!!! God bless Brad and Angie!!!!!! They gave their children everything when they adopted them.....they need to go old school and make them earn every dime after that....teach them to work for a living



nonmember avatar Angela

Angie decided to share Jennifer's husband, too. Seems like she's training her kids to be good little Demoncrats - no private property.

melis... melissaAD1125

This is one of the stupidest articles ever

melis... melissaAD1125

This is one of the stupidest articles ever

nonmember avatar Sarah

As a child who grew up with 3 brothers and 2 sisters, 6 total of us, we shared a computer, iPad, phone, and sometimes even clothes. It's not that hard. We make enough to have one for each but my parents spent money on other things the whole family can share.

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