My Little Pony Makeover Gives Moms Another Headache

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My Little Pony Equestria Girl Have you seen the My Little Pony makeover yet? Technically it's not really a makeover so much as a total reboot. Bye bye colorful horses with unique looks and personalities. Hello Equestria Girls, human teenagers who all look exactly the same.

And when I say the same, I don't just mean Hasbro's new pony/girl mash-ups look like one another. I mean these stick-thin waifs resemble every other darn doll on the market.


Not surprisingly, Hasbro is already getting a lot of flack from moms for the reboot. Surprisingly -- at least to me -- the main complaint is that the company is "sexualizing" My Little Pony.

As Patricia-Anne Tom over at Pop Sugar said this week, the "toys look less like ponies and more like sexified teenage goth girls."

I agree that there is very little "pony" to these new My Little ponies, but I don't see the Equestria Girls as sexy per se.

I do see them as another assault on our young girls' already perilous relationship with their bodies.

The Equestria Girls all have longer than long legs paired with teeny weeny waists. They're not far off the Monster High Dolls or Barbie or any of the teeming pile of dolls on the market with bodies that won't be found in nature.

Now, I should digress and point out that dolls do not in and of themselves cause body image problems. A social experiment with my daughter and a load of Barbie dolls a few months back proved that kids see things very differently than we adults do.

That said, it's important for us to talk to our daughters about body image, and for us to talk about the problems with the bodies of their dolls, lets the toys do the talking for us.

This is why I've always liked My Little Pony. My daughter can play with them for hours, and I don't have to worry about sitting down afterward for a refresher course on how every body is different, on being healthy.

There is no body baggage with a horse.

If it's money Hasbro is after (and hey, they are a company in a capitalist society), they will get it ... we mothers who have been sucked into the girl power themes of the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are more than happy to buy DVDs and toys galore.

Just leave us one safe harbor, would you? One part of the toy store that doesn't keep us up late at night worrying about bulimia and diets.

What do you think of the new My Little Pony?



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nonmember avatar Meg

The dolls are just a part of one story arc that I don't think will be around for more than one "toy season" The movie "my little pony girls of equestria" had great values about friendship, communication and getting along with others. The cartoon is very stylized, so the dolls are naturally doing so as well. I don't see them as sexy either, but I'm not worried about them negatively impacting body image with so many positive messages that come from the show. The comic book is great too and gets many young girls excited for reading. I like the dolls and will buy them for my daughter but if you don't like them there's still going to be the ponies as the main product.

Lokis... LokisMama

I saw a commercial for them when I went to see Man of Steel and all I could think was WTF.  

MLP has seriously jumped the shark.

Tammie Suehiro

Yes, they are just for the movie, it's not a permanent new line. I am sure after this cycle they will be gone and anyway they aren't replacing the existing ponies. ALSO how are they sexy goth girls or whatever? I am especially missing how they are goth.

nonmember avatar Jay

The horses are not going anywhere. Equestria Girls is one 90 minute movie that's actually really good. Season 4 will be all pony.

momad... momaduckie

I would just like to know when are they coming out with Mommy barbie... you know her hair is up in a pony tail, she's wearing sweatpants and a tee-shirt, she has a baby on her hip and a cup of coffee in the other hand. LOL

nonmember avatar Ero

Wow. Really buliema and throwing up stuff you think from a doll? Haha. I know when I was a kid barbies didn't cause me mental issues. I babysit a child with Monster High toys and the mother even says they are better than barbie. The ponies will stay but if you're this butt hurt over dolls that look similar and cause issue, ignore it.

Shandi80 Shandi80

Momaduckie, they had a pregnant Barbie a few years was pretty weird.

nonmember avatar Scootareader

You said it yourself, ma'am. "A social experiment with my daughter and a load of Barbie dolls a few months back proved that kids see things very differently than we adults do."

Our daughters will stop worrying about their body image when we teach them to stop worrying about their body image. The more we point out to them that inhuman-looking dolls have unrealistic proportions, the more they'll visualize themselves as those dolls.

I don't think anyone's daughter imagines themselves as a Barbie until we tell her that she looks like a Barbie. The Equestria Girls toy line seems to be something similar to me.

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