Military Dad Has Incredibly Romantic Reunion With His Wife, But What About the Kids?! (VIDEO)

military surprise homecomingA military father surprises his wife and kids in the water while they're playing at the beach. Generally cute, right? Even cuter when the wife and kids just told a friend on camera what they would say to Daddy if he were there with 'em. His daughter Charity's response? "I will love him for always."

Captain Hyrum Bronson returned early from his nine-month deployment and totally took his family by surprise, appearing out of the water in a scuba suit. As his children screamed, "Daddy! Daddy!" the soldier gravitated toward his wife Bethany saying, "I swam all the way here just for you hunny."

It's heartwarming. But at the same time, it's infuriating. Bronson's children circle the couple longingly, crying out in excitement that Dad's back home. While I admire Bronson and his military service and understand how long the two lovers have been waiting for this embrace, the blatant disregard of these kids hurts my heart.

First, let's watch Captain Hyrum Bronson's surprise homecoming, shall we?

At this moment for this couple, they have put the loving relationship they have between the two of them in front of the parenting relationship they have with their kids. In the heat of the moment, I guess I can understand that. These children are lucky to have parents who love and appreciate each other the way that the Bronsons do. Truthfully, though, it pains me to see their kids longing for the attention of their father whom they haven't seen in so so long, only to be ignored.

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I'm happy the Bronson family is reunited. Here's hoping that Dad's getting in some more quality time with his kids back here on American soil.

How do you feel about Captain Hyrum Bronson's surprise?


Image via Bethany Bronson/YouTube



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nonmember avatar mrs.annoyed

ya know, the only thing you ever point out is the faults in everything you write. how do you know that right after the video was made he didnt sweep his kids up in his arms & hug them & give them all the attention they are craving. you really ot-to try being a military famiy, being away from your husband for months upon end. and then try telling me, that you wouldnt be running up to your husband. if it wasnt for him you wouldnt have kids.....just saying.

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

He hugged his daughter until she squirmed away as he went to his wife. He had his arm around his son as his wife clung for dear life. Let them be.

BirdCo BirdCo

While I imagine that the kids are over the moon at their dads return I can't help but think what a huge relief it is for his wife. I can bet that she was able to let go of so much stess that she has been dealing with while he was deployed. And it is great to see a couple that in love.

sassy... sassykat122

That is kinda pathetic. The BEST gift you can give your kids is a loving relationship with their parent.

nonmember avatar Stephanie

Well, it was sweet and all bit ill be the first to agree with the article writer. His kids are telling his name and they are acting like that doesn't matter. I felt bad for the kids. As a mom you put your kids first. I understand that she was shocked and happy and whatever but hug him then let his kids. Don't just ignore their attempts to get his attention. She was happy? So were they! And to me it didn't look like his daughter squirmed away, it looked like he let her go.

JS0512 JS0512

I see nothing wrong with this.  It's absolutely beautiful how the two of them clung together.  I have no doubts that the kids were showered with attention later, but he obviously missed his wife.  It doesn't even compare to a solider coming home from war, but when my boyfriend (of 7 years) gets home from work, the first person he comes to is me, even though our daughter is over the moon to see him. 

redK8... redK8blueSt8

Having been in this woman's shoes I find this completely understandable and nothing wrong. The pressure of responsibility and the ever looming fear during a deployment is sometimes near suffocating, and the immediate joy and relief in their return is.....comparable to the moment immediately after childbirth. You can breath in fully again, and realize only then that you hadn't been breathing fully in a while.

The kids will have their turn, and many hugs and kisses from daddy, but the husband/wife relationship is the primary foundation of the family and it must be nurtured and tended to with priority.

vanes... vanessa5470

Jesus Christ, let them enjoy their reunion and shut the hell up. You obviously have no idea what a deployment is and entails.

nonmember avatar Sarah

No one has the right to judge any reaction a soldier has when returning from war. You're ridiculous and that woman deserves every ounce of love she can get. She too was deprived of untold things most people take for granted.

nonmember avatar jessica

Are you kidding me... Negative Nelly...who pissed in your cornflake s.. Until you live, dont handed are rude comments...

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