DIY Hula Hoop Fort Making: Is It as Simple as It Looks? (VIDEO)

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hula hoop fortRemember collecting all the blankets you could find when you were younger in order to build a fort? Kids imaginations are amazing ... but not any more amazing than the imaginations of some of their parents who you might find pinning other fun fort ideas on Pinterest.

Maybe we're just fueled by the desire to keep all of our blankets on our beds, but the wildly popular hula hoop fort is a fun fort alternative that is sure to keep the kids busy this summer!

Or will it? 

Watch as I put together a hula hoop fort for my son only to see our project take an interesting turn:

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How would your kids like a hula hoop fort?

Images via Kat Bouska and Pinterest

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stace... stacey541

Hmm...what if you used the shower curtain rings instead of safety pins?

eeyore13 eeyore13

You need a much bigger hula hoop.

LadyS... LadySaphira

That was my first thought too Stacy541. You could also spend a little more money and get a cloth shower curtain. Cloth would probably last for more fort sessions than a plastic liner.

brigh... brightonsmom12

Bigger hula hoop, a heavier cloth, and a tree with longer branches would have worked a lot better. 

Irela... Ireland69

Cracked me up!!!

nonmember avatar Andrea

I love it. I may have to try this one, minus the bugs...

nonmember avatar KymBerly

Try the double lined showed curtain and attach the curtain with the hoops. You can hang it with a chain so it is lower to the ground and spreads out. A Papasan chair or cushion inside can complete the project. If all else fails, find a cute king size sheet at walmart and attach it with safety pins to place it properly. Then use Sew Witch.

nonmember avatar amy

I could use a mom fort!! Great tutorial! Maybe learning from your FAIL will be a pinterest WIN for the rest of us!

Angie Williams Lee

And now we know what to do with our old crib mattresses! WIN!

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