4 Family Movie Scenes You'll Want to Re-Enact This Summer

walley worldWho says watching television can't bond a family? It certainly can, especially if you catch a fun family flick and do some re-enacting with your kids. Your own way, of course. So whether you are taking a road trip, going to an amusement park, heading out camping, or having a staycation, there is a movie scene perfect for you to have fun with your kids.

You won't need popcorn ... just your imagination and a sense of adventure. Here are 4 scenes to re-enact this summer with your family.


1. National Lampoon's Vacation -- running up to Walley World.

There's the excitement that you've finally made it. The road trip is over. You've reached your destination of fun -- in this case it's Walley World. Park the car, stretch your legs, take in the view of the roller-coaster, and start running toward the entrance. Cue the Chariots of Fire music! Feel the sprint in slo-mo. Only in real life, Walley World is open.

2. The Brady Bunch -- their backyard family sack races.

We'll skip the Bradys' vacation where they have a run-in with a terrifying tarantula and stick with their wholesome backyard family sack races. Why save this kind of fun for birthday parties? Add it into your staycation for some great bonding -- the Brady way.

3. The Great Outdoors -- the bald-headed bear scene.

Camping out in a tent is very adventurous. Camping out in the middle of the wilderness in a cabin still comes with its own share of adventure, too. Especially when there are bears in the woods! Things that go thump in the night! Sure you can't command a bear to bust into your cabin (you wouldn't want to anyway), but you can play pretend. It's not just a game for 4-year-olds. You know the book We're Going on a Bear Hunt? Same idea, only let mom or dad play bear.

4. The Sandlot -- the fireworks scene.

Most towns have great fireworks for the 4th of July, but also when night falls during other events of the summer. Watching the fireworks with the family is always a good time. Like in The Sandlot, you can reflect on the patriotism and that 'can-do' attitude -- basically letting the fireworks inspire you and your kids. Use the time to remember watching the fireworks with your own parents when you were younger. Making memories; remember ye olde ones.

Which scene would you re-enact? Have others to add?

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