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30 Summer Memories Every Kid Should Have

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summer girlsI recently realized just how much I miss being a child during the summer ... and how lucky my kid is to still BE one. You don't have to be a little kid to love the summer months, but it doesn't hurt. The days and weeks spread before them, full of fun to be had.

And it's up to us parents to make sure they have it all. Remember the incredible memories you made as a kid getting up to hijinks during the summer? Don't you want your child to have those memories too?

If your child hasn't done at least a few things on this list, it's time to get cracking:

1. Swimming in a river

2. Swimming in a pool

3. Swimming in the ocean

4. Eating soft serve ice cream

5. Making ice cream at home

6. Going barefoot

7. Catching fireflies

8. Catching salamanders

9. Catching frogs

10. Wading in a creek

11. Rolling down a grassy hill

12. Star gazing in the backyard after dark

13. Getting her clothes soaked during a sneak attack water fight

14. Running through the sprinkler

15. Eating Popsicles

16. Staying up late

17. Eating non-dinner dinner (because it's too hot to cook)

18. Chalking the sidewalk

19. Skipping rocksSummer Memories Every Kid Should Make

20. Picking wildflowers

21. Riding a rollercoaster

22. Eating junk food

23. Winning a goldfish

24. Making sand art

25. Riding a bike

26. Making sun tea

27. Building sand castles

28. Finding starfish

29. Squishing sand between their toes

30. Selling lemonade

Have you managed all of these with your kids yet? What would you add?


Images by Jeanne Sager

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nonmember avatar Ria

Translation: summer memories every rich privileged kid should have.

nonmember avatar Kristi

Playing in the rain!

nonmember avatar Kristi

Ria-most of these things do not cost much if any money. Pretty weird that someone would have to point that out to you though.....?

nonmember avatar Amber

Ria, what do you mean "rich privileged kid"??? Myself and my children are in no way shape or form rich or privileged and we enjoy those things!! Granted, we live in a rural area. Could that be what you mean? That you need to have access to a lot of those things? Because it doesn't cost us a dime to swim in the creek behind our house.

doodledo doodledo

Managed 19 of those this summer. But you all forgot camping, watching fireworks, and going to a drive in movie.

carme... carmen1692

Ria, what are you talking about? There was five of us growing up. 7 including my parents. And i have every single memory except catching salamanders (because i would NOT touch one) and we were in no way rich. Over the course of my childhood my parents showed us love and gave us fantastic childhood memories. Last I knew it didn't cost to wade in a creek. OR SWIM IN A RIVER. You sound so bitter. MY daughter has done quite a few of those and I am her sole and ONLY provider atm! She's only 3 but i plan on completing this list and MORE! It doesnt take money or wealth to spend wisely on something the family especially the children will enjoy and cherish as they get older!
On the other hand, this was a great list. Brought back some fun and funny memories as a child! :)

GwenMB GwenMB

This is a great list! I agree that most cost little or nothing to do. We have done a number this summer. I would also add camping & fireworks (from a safe distance if the noise bothers them). I also would add a road trip - hopefully wo DVDs or electronics in the car.

Brandy Lee Oldman

my daughter has done all except 5 and 30

Steff Lovitt

watermelon seed fight!

DustBran DustBran

I did everyone but fire lies but building a fort or playin bike police make up for it lol.  So many more and we where not even close to rich!! That made no since to me.  Oh dont forget camping in your own yard.  


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