Goth Barbies May Bring Out the Best in Girls

both barbieHas your daughter asked you for one of these dolls, yet? Monster High dolls, A.K.A. "Goth Barbie," are the second-highest selling dolls in the world -- second only to plain old vanilla Barbie. These girls are outfitted with fishnets, heavy eyeliner, fangs, and 'tude. Apparently darling little girls everywhere just can't get enough of them. Even the company that makes the dolls is surprised. "Honestly, it was very surprising to us. We just noticed girls were into darker goth fashion," says Kiyomi Kaverly, Mattel design vice president.

The dolls are marketed to girls age 6 to 12, so girls are starting young with this goth aesthetic. And I have to admit, I like their edgy vibe. I mean, it's great girls are taking a break from all that saccharine pink, right? But aren't they a little, I don't know, too bad-ass for kids so young? How young is too young for goth?

I think I would have found these dolls a little too scary when I was that young, but then I was kind of afraid of anything even remotely spooky as a girl. Now? I think kids are way more immune to transgressive style. Think of everything Tim Burton movies have done alone -- I remember my niece being a fan of Corpse Bride when she was around 6.

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The dolls are edgy, but in a non-lethal way. Draculaura is Dracula's daughter, but she's turned off by meat. No blood sucking. Instead, the dolls are supposed to be affirming for girls who dare to be different. "The message about the brand is really to celebrate your own freaky flaws, especially as bullying has become such a hot topic,” says Mattel marketer Cathy Cline. 

Well that's something I can get behind. So if I had a six-year-old daughter, would I buy her one of these Goth Barbies? I probably would... if she felt strongly about it. But I think there are so many other ways to encourage a girl's development as her own, unique person, not just through dolls.

What do you think about Goth Barbies?

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KDRush KDRush

They're not "goth" per se. They're monsters. Hence calling them "Monster High" dolls. And they are represented as high schoolers in their movies. (my 11 1/2 yr old daughter is a fan.)

If you aren't familiar with them, they are the children of the original movie monsters and mythical creatures: Frankie Stein (Frankenstein), Dracu Laura (Count Dracula), etc.

So, in my opinion, it's not a question of kids/young girls being "too young" for "goth barbies," its whether they are interested in edgy monster dolls.

LadyM... LadyMinni

I think they're a little to slutted up for such young girls. Yeah Barbie has a full face of makeup, but she doesn't look like a 25 year old trying to get laid at a goth nightclub. Their clothes are also too skimpy. Say what you will about Barbie, but the clothes are never as revealing as the Monster High or Bratz dolls. I just think they're kind of stupid looking. If my twins want them I won't say no because I don't like them, but I just hope they've gone the way of My Scene dolls (which I loved) by the time the twins are old enough to care.

nonmember avatar Meghan

My 4 1/2 year old loves monster high. She has an 8 year old cousin that got her into it. She doesn't find the dolls scary at all and I like the message behind the dolls, so I indulge her :) she's even wanting a monster high theme for her 5th birthday

Monica Benavides

I think they're cute. I've gotten them for my niece & my cousins daughter. I've even started to collect them myself.

Lulu2216 Lulu2216

Love them, my 6 year old has 8 of them. The movies are cute too. They don't seem goth to me and I like to play with them with my girls.

Jammi... Jammie209

My 2 youngest daughters, 5 & 8, absolutely love these dolls. They each have about 8 each of the premade ones. Their favorite ones are the ones they created themselves. It's called create-a-monster.

wifea... wifeairforce

My daughter loves them. She has never been a frills and lace girl, always wants monsters and starwars. Now that they have dolls that she can be a girl with its great. It's hard for a little girl who doesn't like dolls or playing house to play with girls their age I had to see her struggle to make friends because she wants to be outside but being told only boys play that or you can't play because your a girl. Now she has dolls that let her play with the girls and love it. I for one am glad to have MH for my girl and other little girls who don't "Girly " it up.

MamaD... MamaDV1012

My 5 year old was interested in them when we went shopping the other day, I didn't let her get any.  Then again I don't want her to get the Bratz dolls either.  Maybe I'm just a tad old fashioned.  I don't see a problem with them when she is older.  I think the La La Loopsy dolls are creepy! 

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

My daughter loves these dolls. I like their message and their movies are pretty cute too... Plus it gives me and my daughter some common ground. I love monsters and she's pretty impressed that I know so much about them :-p

aeneva aeneva

At the age of 6 I think their clothing is a little too revealing for my daughter, but I definitely like the idea that they promote being "yourself" and not having to fit into an ideal view of what society thinks you should be.

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