Brothers' Reactions to Their Dad's Military Homecoming Are So Priceless -- & So Different (VIDEO)

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OMG -- get the tissues ready, because you're gonna need them after seeing a 6-year-old boy weep after hearing his dad is returning from Afghanistan.

Teagan Rhea-Gregg's grandmother surprised him with the news that his dad would be home from a three-month tour "in just a few minutes." He was so stunned, he couldn't stop the tears from flowing freely. (Bless his heart!)

After he composed himself a bit, it was time to break the happy news to his little brother, who was sitting on the couch in the living room.

Just wait until you see the clip -- because his reaction is just as priceless, yet totally opposite of Teagan's.

Ahhhh! Typical little boy. He mumbled what sounded like, "I know that," and then just kept right on focusing on playing video games like nothing special was happening.

Ok, so he probably just didn't comprehend what Teagan was telling him, but still -- his reaction was so different from his brother's, you can't help but laugh at it.

It's probably just as well that neither of these boys had a big warning before their daddy arrived, because it's tough to imagine kids that young being able to stand having to wait a long time to be reunited with a parent after hearing that kind of news.

And what a reunion it was. I thought they were going to run right off that porch the minute they saw their dad's car pull up, and I absolutely melted when they finally got to hug him.

(Dang. These videos get me every single time.)

Whose reaction did you like best, Teagan's or his brother's?


Image via tommydabbs/YouTube

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keelh... keelhaulrose

Sometimes kids can't absorb big news. When I told my daughter she was going to Disney her reaction was very ho-hum. But ten minutes later she was impossibly crazy about it.

This was adorable.

Cynthia Souza

As a military brat myself, I can totally understand the reaction of the older boy.  My dad went overseas twice (Korea and Vietnam), for 12-13 months at a time.  The second time I was old enough to understand the danger he was in.  I think the older boy just realized he could stop worrying, and that relief came out as tears.  I'm so glad for the whole family. 


Amy Persun Connors

howwonderful for these boys. More importantly Thank you so much for your service Sir I salute you. I am so happy that you made it hope safely God Speed to you and your family.

Gloria M. Segura

I Remember when my brother over seas for the first time... I cryed like a baby :(   God Bless The Men & Women Home & Over Seas group hug

nonmember avatar BJ

That was just wonderful!

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