DIY Noodle Race Tracks: The Crafty Summer Plaything (VIDEO)

noodle race tracks

There comes a time every summer when bored kids start to get a little fidgety. The heat is kicking in, they start to bicker more, and those dreaded two words are uttered repeatedly, "We're bored!"

Luckily for them, I happen to get all my great ideas from Pinterest and I saw that noodle race tracks are all the rage for bored kids. I loved the idea of the noodle race tracks because we already had pool noodles, both boys and girls could have fun with this activity, and most importantly, it was an inexpensive craft!

But would it really work?


Watch this video to find out if noodle race tracks were a Pinterest win or a Pinterest fail for our family:

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Would your kids love these noodle race tracks? 

Images via Kat Bouska

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